Speakers with warm treble and good bass

I've been on the hunt now for a several years, attempting to find speakers that match the criteria of having good bass and soft, warm treble output.  A good liquid midrange with good texture and timbre separation is another top priority.  The speakers I have owned and tried:

Paradigm Studio 60 v3
LSA 1 Standard Edition Monitors
Totem Staff
Golden Ear Triton 3
Vandersteen 2ce Sig ii
Tekton Pendragon
Acoustic Zen Adagio
Spatial Audio Hologram M3 Turbo S

Out of all of those, the most enjoyable due to warmest sound signature was the LSA 1 monitors.  Of course those were the most deficient in bass out of that entire list.  Contrary to that, the Golden Ear Triton 3 had the best bass (obviously, due to the built-in powered subs).  The Adagios had the best detail and least distortion, but were a bit too analytical in the end for my tastes.

So far, surprisingly, the speakers that seem to get the best blend of everything for my tastes have been the Paradigm Studio 60 v3.  These are not "reference level" speakers by any means, but they achieve a nice balance of detail, dynamics, bass, and have a surprisingly good midrange.  Unfortunately, the pesky metal dome tweeter has gotten on my last nerve during many listening sessions.  

I am trying to stay in the price range of the aforementioned speakers.  What suggestions do you all have for speakers that can meet this criteria for a smooth, dynamic, and warm sound?

PMC Twenty series is all that.  NEAT Motive series if your room is small/medium size.
I think the Eminent Technology LFT-8b speakers would work great with your amp. My dealer sells both products (Rogue and Eminent Tech) and they really are amazing paired together. I find the LFT-8b’s to be very neutral with amazing detail and somewhat laid back presentation. One of the best attributes is that they have basically no distortion. The bass detail is great and they go low (25hz). The tweeter also has 3 output settings to tailor the sound. They also sound great a lower listening levels, which I find most speakers fail. Just my experience, thought I would share.
The one negative is speaker placement can be fussy.
Wow lots of replies here, this is great, thanks all.  Lots to respond to.

One thing that I have seen mentioned a few times is cleaning up my power supply.  This is something I have been considering for a while, although at the moment I'm not sure I can come up with the cash for speakers *and* a good power regenerator.  I am currently using my old trusty PS Audio UPC-200 for basic filtering, which does help, but I would like to end up with a PS Audio P3 or P5.

I am currently auditioning a pair of the Spatial Audio M3 Turbo S.  One of them arrived with a broken woofer, so I'm not sure that I am getting a true representation of their sound.  The replacement is being delivered this Friday, so I should know more in a couple weeks after it breaks in.  My impressions of the M3 Turbo S so far is that they have excellent coherency, soundstage, detail, and bass, but the treble may not be to my tastes either.  They use a compression driver, which from everything I read said it was supposed to sound smooth, but I've been having fatigue issues.  I really do think I need to address the power thing though, as I will never know if these issues are due to the speakers, or just the fact that the speakers are extended enough in the treble to reveal issues with hash and grain.

The Vienna Acoustics have been on my radar for several years, but I never followed through with them.  My concern with those would be the bass.

Electrostats like the Martin Logan may be good, but again, not sure how the bass would be on those unless I moved way up the line or had a very powerful amp, which I currently do not own.  The Summits are way out of my price range I'm afraid.

Dynaudio have always been interesting to me as well.  Not sure if there is a place near me to audition them.  My Rouge integrated can output I believe up to 100 watts if using the KT 120 tubes, not sure if that will suffice.

I really do think I need to address the power thing though, as I will never know if these issues are due to the speakers, or just the fact that the speakers are extended enough in the treble to reveal issues with hash and grain.

Until your system is fed clean power, it will never demonstrate its true potential. Considering the well-respected speakers that you’ve auditioned, it appears that something fundamental is amiss. A regenerator may help for source components - but not for amps. The Audiogon archives are chock full of great tips and tweaks. There was no one ’silver bullet’ that cleaned & improved my power. There have been many, many incremental ones. This is the fun part of the hobby.
Is it possible something in your room is creating high freq issues? Some sorta reflection? Have you auditioned any systems in a well treated room? BTW I am currently cleaning up my power and seeing improvements with highs.