Speakers with the most detailed midrange? (non-ESL/planar)

Anyone care to give their opinion on what dynamic speaker has the most detailed/revealing midrange? Not including electrostatics or planar speakers. Approximately between the frequencies of 400Hz to 3kHz. Also, just to clarify what I mean by detail: when there is a musical passage that entails many different layers of instruments, the speakers' ability to separate all the elements so all the instruments are heard clearly and nothing is obscured. Also the ability to retrieve every last bit of information on a recording, such as random sounds in the studio, distortion in recordings and reverb tails.

As far as price goes... 2 categories... below $12,000 USD (new) and any price range. Thanks.
I bought Thiel CS2.4SEs about a year ago because I wanted greater transparency and resolution in the midrange. Wasn’t disappointed other than a subtle glassy quality on vocals. Replacing the resistors with Mills MRA-12s fixed that issue. More recently, I rebuilt the boards with Clarity CSA caps and upgraded the coils. 

Now, the resolution and transparency are stunning. There is superb intelligibility on lyrics and much more. Gotta be close to SOTA from the mid bass up but I suppose I need to relisten to stuff like TAD Ref Ones and Vivid Giya to say with full confidence. Regardless, these are my last speakers!



The Kithara $6,000Read the all new review of the Oskar Heil Kitharas by the legendary Wayne Donnelly at enjoythemusic.com under the "Superior Audio" section of the site.Here's a link<This link's target cannot be found>
"The Kitharas recreate the performing space — especially on naturally mic'ed recordings — extremely well. Specific vocal and instrumental images are stably located within a nicely dimensional sound field, but without the laser-beam imaging precision and hyper-detail retrieval that are characteristic of imaging “champs” such as the Wilson WATT/Puppy and ambitious minimonitors. As someone who attends dozens of live concerts every year, I can testify that listening to the Kitharas is much closer to what I hear in the concert hall than with most audio systems, even those with much more expensive loudspeaker systems""The Kitharas are real right brain loudspeakers — as emotionally seductive as any loudspeaker I have heard. And in that sense they are, as declared in the title of this article, greater than the sum of their parts."

How the devil does this thing make such beautiful sound!The Heil AMT driver!Enter your text ...
I would not accuse Wilson W/P capable of “hyper detail retrieval”.  YMMV.