Speakers with the most detailed midrange? (non-ESL/planar)

Anyone care to give their opinion on what dynamic speaker has the most detailed/revealing midrange? Not including electrostatics or planar speakers. Approximately between the frequencies of 400Hz to 3kHz. Also, just to clarify what I mean by detail: when there is a musical passage that entails many different layers of instruments, the speakers' ability to separate all the elements so all the instruments are heard clearly and nothing is obscured. Also the ability to retrieve every last bit of information on a recording, such as random sounds in the studio, distortion in recordings and reverb tails.

As far as price goes... 2 categories... below $12,000 USD (new) and any price range. Thanks.
I mentioned the NEAR 10m’s. To clarify, if hunting down a pair, the later versions (all black woofers and 1.1in inverted dome Ti tweeter) were ok, but to my ears, the earlier models with raw alu woofer dustcaps and smaller Ti tweeters sound more revealing (for whatever reasons i don’t know). I preferred these for small setups, however. They’re reminiscent of electrostatic headphones in the nearfield. Also, If NEAR ff suspension stiffens (from age or being over-driven by a high powered amp) that would definitely veil their sound. NEAR drivers are robust and last a long time if cared for (no rotting surrounds, etc.. just service the unique ferrofluid). Lewis still services the drivers (if he has the time, that is, he still seems a busy audio engineer).

Vivid audio is a good bet if you want that experience of super clarity and detail in the mids/highs.
I sell various products. Vandersteen is one of them. I just came from the factory. Richard makes most of the drivers himself. It's pretty amazing.
Since Harbeth has been mentioned several times here I'll chime back in on the whole "midrange detail" thing....Harbeth, to my ear, is a good example of a speaker that is very balanced and gets the midrange correct. Though it is not the last word in midrange DETAIL, I could easily live with any Harbeth model for the rest of time and be quite happy. (I owned Compact 7's for many years and have heard every model in the lineup at various stages of development).