Speakers with the good sunergy with NAD C356

Except for the Focal and PSB Speakers what other speakers
would sound good with the NAD C356 Integrated Amplifier.
At 80 wpc, the NAD 356 is a good amp that is capable of driving literally hundreds of speakers, 8 or 4 Ohms, from dozens of manufacturers. They would all sound good depending on a myriad of other factors though. This doesn't help you much, does it?

So what sounds good to you? What type of sound are you looking for? Do you have a preference in tweeter type? Soft or hard domes? Or maybe ribbons. How about a horn? Do you like your speakers to be highly accurate and revealing? Maybe more forward and lively? Or smooth and laid back? What about your room? How big? Lots of hard or reflective surfaces? Looking for floor standers or bookshelf? Finally about budget?

More specifics would be needed to give you a meaningful reply.
Hi Torevado
I recently just sold the Nad 356 BEE after owning one for about a year and a half. During that time I had many amplifiers that came and went. While not as refined as many amps for some reason the amp pairs well with a lot of speakers. A personal favorite was the way it made the Fritz Carbon 7's sound, a huge thick wall of sound, a little much for my smaller living room though. I also remember hearing the NAD 356 BEE with the Rega RS1, and loved everything about it and think that is a great combination.