Speakers with Rotel amp

I'd like to get suggestions for speakers that match well with the Rotel RB-991 amp using the Rotel RX-975 as a pre-amp. I don't have room for electrostatics and enjoy jazz, classical and female vocals(Bonnie Raitt/Diana Krall). Thanks
Check out B&W CDM-1 or other B&W Models
just about anything from radio shack.
I've heard this amp with Vandersteen 2ce's and it was a nice combo. Vandy's sound like the route you might want to take judging from the type of music you like - good midrange with this combo. good luck.
I used to have Monitor Audio (MA 700) spkrs with your combination and they sounded wonderful. However, these are bookshelf spkrs. Audition the floorstanders if these are more desirable
I've had two Rotel amps in the past: RB-890 and RB-990. I noticed that after an hour or two of listening that fatigue would set in. After changing amps- I couldn't bear to part with my Apogees, I now blame a slightly hot top end in Rotel amplification. I'd be careful about tilted-up speakers. I've never heard any B&W DM-series with decent electronics, but they've always struck me as very bright.
cornfedboy: you, sir, are an ass. if you don't like rotel amps, then why are you responding to an e-mail soliciting advice about what speakers to use with them? get a life. Losh: I agree about the Vandersteens. You should also check out meadowlarks and revel f-30s, but you haven't said how much you are looking to spend.
Start with the amps.I am not a fan of Rotel.Mi FI at best.The fatigue is painfullafter a short listen.Made in China.I am sorry not much will sound good with the Rotel.The guy with the Radio Shack comment was not far off.The AMP are not very good.
Thanks to all of you who have sent thoughtful and intelligent responses so far. I am new to the audiophile world and find your responses to be a great help. My budget is $2500 or less. The Vandes 2Ce signatures I have heard, but with Adcom electronics. I have read alot of great reviews on the Audioreview site about these speakers. The bass seemed weak but the saleman said to expect more bass when placed in the home so I may try to demo those at home with the Rotel. I definitely want some punch(but not boom)to my bass. I auditioned a pair of Thiel 1.5s today with the Linn Majik and a Linn CD player. The Thiels sounded great. Nice bass and terrific midrange. Any comments about Thiels with the Rotel ?
What are you using for a cd player.I still think you need to revisit you amps.What are your present speakers.
I would stick with the vandys 2ce sig as they always seem to have more bass in home (ask to borrow the floor pair as they are most likely broken in). I don't know what you front end is but I'd work on a preamp next (tubes will make you drool) unless your front end is really bad (ie mass market cd player with no d/a. Macdonj is right rotel can be tilted up that why I suggest tube pre and if you can leave your equipment on all the time as that will tame some of the harshness
Thanks again all. My goal is to put together a system piece by piece over the next 3-6 months. Budget for the whole system would be $4-5 K. I started with the Rotel receiver and agree it is not the best but wanted something to hold me over until I can afford higher end stuff. I thought I would get speakers next(spending $2500 or less), then upgrade to better electronics. Since I could use the Rotel as a pre-amp I thought a better amp would make a difference. What I'm hearing is I should probably reconsider the Rotel. I've listened to CD players from NAD, Linn and Marantz. Linn was by far the best. I have heard alot about the Rega Planet but have not auditioned it yet.
$4-5k you could have an awesome system (are you counting you purchases already made) I would do vandy 2ce sig, front end (d/a or good all in one) if you play records pick up a rega turntable (they are a steal for the money) , find a good pre that you like with you combo, then the mccormick amp (great combo with vandy)......some where along the line some wires but be careful with this one they can change the sound with different componets (so maybe chose wire for your end system not you current one.
hi i am a soliloquy speaker dealer -- and you owe it to yourself to check them out -- www.solspeak.com check out a dealer near you or get in touch with me
Am demoing Thiels 1.5s this weekend with the Rotel. Got a new interconnect for my CD to receiver and it has made big difference(much warmer and fuller sound from my old SONY) My dealer also gave me a Cal Audio CL-5 CD player to try with this combo, but it seem a little bright with the Rotel. Any suggestions for amps that match well with Thiels 1.5s ? Will probably try to demo Vandes next weekend. Does anyone have an opinion about the Cal Audio CL-5 ? Thanks
thiels are not very forgiving(ie if you amp/pre are not good they'll tell you) the vandys are a speakers that" do alot of things right and very little wrong) and will work with all types of equipment. They have a good amount of bass for you classical and jazz. another set to cosider are the jmlab cobalts
also if you cd has dig out you might want to get an outboard d/a
I use PSB Stratus Golds they shine on classical music. I mainly listen to jazz but I can tell what these speakers were designed to play. Audition them they can be had for around 1900.00 new if you know where to look, ask me, I know where, or used for as little as 1300.00 a pair. Also give Paradigms studio 100v2 a listen. Always liked their speakers but never really pushed me over the edge, this new speaker does. I have heard them with Rotel amps as my local dealer has a demo set up with this combination. Nice bass, great soundstage .
I tried the Thiel 1.5s at home this weekend driven only the by the Rotel receiver. My dealer also let me try a Cal Audio CL-5 CD player with a pair of silver Audio Quest Interconnects. I am using Monster speaker cable I elevated the speakers about 8 inches off the floor which made a big difference in bringing out the full spectrum of sound of the Thiels. They are a perfect size for my room and listening distance. I loved the definition of the CL-5 except for some of the highs. My dealer has suggested copper interconnects rather than silver to help tame the highs. I can get a decent deal on a demo Linn Majik amp($990) to go with the Thiels. Thought these might sound good with the copper cables and the Cal audio CL-10 CD player which has wonderful reviews on Audioreview. Any advice ? Thanks