Speakers with no woofer and no tweeters.

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I wonder if anyone heard of a type of speakers which are portable, and you can attach on different medium to produce music. I watch a tv program about a year ago, it showed a new technology about these speakers. You can actually attach it on your headboard of your bed, and it uses the wood medium to play back music, also they also try it using a bathroom mirror, too. So diff. medium will produce diff. characterics of music. Please tell me the name of these speakers and the manuifacture of them.
There are several companies that make single driver/no crossover speakers. Lothar is one of the more well known design, but I don't know the specific company to which you refer. Most of these models are not portable, but people who like them, like them a LOT!
Are you talking about a driverless system that operates similar to a planar speaker, only you use everyday items like head boards and mirrors? I would think the vibration would destroy the mirror, but I could be wrong.
Check out this link, I think this is what you're looking for:

They are the mfgrs. of that cool little digital amp, also.

I know of many speakers without woofers and tweeters but a favorite is an old college professor from the University of Michigan, Aubrey Castell. Although, I graduated 28 years ago so he is probably no longer with us. Damn good speaker with interesting ideas.
Horn Speakers
What's deal with digital T mps anyway?Are these the Ice Modules B&W created a few years ago?Think I read about one digital high end amp @ 6moons.com a while back but thought this was next big thing.Should start a thread to ask.
You must be thinking of the Sound Bug, which has been out a few years. Much longer than the Sonic Impact version. It's also portable and can be set up temporarily versus the permanent only SI.


I've never heard one in person, but I've heard many people who've had them call it a low-fidelity system at best.

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Thanks guys. But the one that I am looking for is like what Charivari mentions, and the one that I have in mind is around $700