Speakers with Most good reviews in last ten years

What are Some examples of full range speakers that have had many good reviews from just about all publications and owners?
If you define full range to go down to about 35, Merlin VSMs are one, for sure.
Others that come quickly to mind are
Von Schweikert VR-4s
Sound Labs A-1/M-1
Dali Megalines

I've been v happy w my Merlins so I have not tracked speakers as much as electronics.
Monitor Audio RS6
Great reviews.
The Revel Ultima line of speakers, particularly the Salons, and their little brother, the Studios. They always seemed to have gotten great reviews. And this includes both the original versions as well as the Mk. II versions.

I owned the original Studios, and they were very good speakers. (I wouldn't say great, but certainly they were very good for the money.)

My two cents worth.
If you're buying wine by the label, Bose has, by far, had the most positive reviews in the last ten years. Enjoy your table radio.
Harbeth, Proac, Maggies, Wilson.. pretty hard to find a dog among the better speakers.
If I were buying, I'd be auditioning: Genesis 7.1F, Thiel 3.7, Wilson Sophia III.
I heard the 7.1F at last T.H.E. Show last month and was mighty impressed.
What speaker has received a bad review from an audio publication? It seems to go against their grain.
PSB = Honda

Vandersteen = Toyota

Magnapan = Infiniti

Harbeth/ProAc/Spendor = Jaguar/LandRover

Revel = Buick

Wilson = Cadillac


Tidal = Audi
I think the Spica TC-50 and TC-60 were very well reviewed in their time but they still compete with todays designs. I like both of mine especiallyl with my Dynaco ST-70 tube amp. The TC-60 has much more bass response but both are great speakers and they are very cheap on the used market.
Vandersteen 2s may be one of the most universally well regarded full range-ish speakers of all time.
I'll second Wolf. The Vandy 2 is the longest running hit show on Broadway.

Vandy 2's, 10 years and beyond.
Do you have a price range in mind? Does it matter? I would
say the Merlin VSMs are full-range enough, but not the value
proposition of Vandersteen 2s and 3s which are hard to beat
for the price (I owned 3A Signatures and a pair of 2wq
subwoofers before switching to my Merlins).

I think the Merlins may be among the best reviewed speakers
of the last 10 years, especially if you take owner's
opinions into account. I think that at audioreview.com, they
have over 120 user reviews and a 4.97 out 5 avg. star
rating for the SE, and 17 reviews with a 5 star avg rating
for the successor XE. You can't buy that with advertising.

Merlin = IWC
Magnepans receive incredible reviews, and I agree they are awesome!
I just got done researching the Von Schweikert VR 4 jr.
seems there are a lot of great reviews...think they live up to it?