Speakers with max of 32" high

I recently moved in with my girlfriend and had to downsize my system significantly. I sold off or am in the process of selling everything (i am going to miss my Unifield 3s and xa60.8s!).

My new living space has my plasma on a wall and leaves me with the space in front of it and below it for speakers. because of width constraints, I can't really go any higher than the tv height off the floor - this leaves me with a max height for my speakers of about 32-33 inches.

What are my best options for this? I'll take suggestions in any price range.

I know the Zu Soul is the right height, but I have zero experience with Zu speakers. Are there other floorstanders that are this short?

I think OHM Microwalsh would fit, or there are other configurations that might available. See www.ohmspeakers.com. I use slightly larger/taller OHM 100 in my two channel A/V setup (see system pics). These are omnidirectional speakers designed to be able to be placed closer to walls than most omnis. Omni's are an excellent choice for A/V in particular in that they sound excellent from most any listening location concurrently. More directional speakers will have a smaller sweet spot for best sound, which is usually not a prime consideration for A/V surround sound systems.
Hi Skootb, Check out the Decware website and look at the ERRx model, they are 32 inches high and cost 2500.00 for the pair.
Good Luck, Tish
The Ohm speakers are a very good choice. Also the Tekton Mini-Lore are 34" high and only $649/pr.....

I read the part about max height being 33". But if you can go .5"-1.5" taller then check out the offerings from Totem. They are really outstanding.
Spendor A3 and A5 are both under 32 inches high.
I am toying with the idea of getting a smaller stand mounted speakers (Totem Element Fire?) on custom short stands or to sit on top of (in the front) of a cabinet. I know this might not be ideal, but it certainly seems better than the very limited options out there with floorstanders under 32 inches.

Plus, the Fires are pretty nice
REGA RS3 / R3s

Big advantage: they are made to perform sited close to a back wall

Google the reviews, but better still, try a personal audition at a REGA dealer .... You may be very pleasantly surprised .
The best, very best speakers that I have heard that fit your criteria are 14 inch high North Creek Kitty Kat Revelators - they are superb speakers. You would have to get short stands. They retail for $2500 and are definitely the best $2500 I have spent in my audio life! That says a lot. They image fantastically right aginst the wall - they are solely designed for rear wall placement - and sound superb. They go low enough to avoid a sub.
I have a really good candidate: The Neat Acoustics Motive SX2. I've heard these and they have a natural, linear, organic sound. They are about 30.1” tall and are mounted on plinths that tilt them backwards slightly to compensate for their short height. Footprint is a dainty 6-1/3” x 8”. They were very impressive, with more bass extension than you would expect from such a compact size.
Gallo Acoustics Classico 3, 8 ohms 88db efficient, freq response 32-22 khz +- 3db. 31H x7W x11.5D.
Rhljazz, I've been looking at the Classico,any other speaker you can equate it to?
I've heard the Gallo Classicos and the Neats I recommended above. Under the listening conditions of the two audio stores (just across the street from each other), the Neats had the far more natural sounding tonal balance and soundstage, and didn't seem to have special requirements to come alive. I'd go with the Neats. They were natural and fuss-free.
Check out Monitor Audio RX-6, it's is 32" high affordable and sounds good for its price point.
Akg ca is spot on about the Rega R-3's a very natural sounding speaker , on acoustic music pretty hard to beat.
Most rockers IMO like the "hi-Fi" sound better.
picked up a pair of Wilson Duettes. will see how they do...