Speakers with great high and mid range

What are the speakers known specially for great high and Mid range although lacks litte bit in the lower base area, either bookshelf or floorstaning. Price range around $2000-$2500/pr

Some people say good full range speakers don't really need subs and integrating sub is not easy, but I think that option cost more and I'm kind of spoiled with listening music with subs...

I have REL Strata III which I enjoy a lot, and looking for speakers that will go well with it that have great high and Mid range...

It will be nice if it can stand relatively close to the back wall. Currently I'm thinking about Soliloquys and Sonus Fabers...

My current amp is 15W NAD and I'm upgrading it to 120-150W Bryston ST or SST
JM Lab tends to fit your description and I would definately add them to your list. I have a pair of Electra 926 that you can get used in your price range. Their highs and mids are incredibly clear and beautiful. I am very impressed with JM speakers in general. Focal is one of the largest driver makers in the world and they save the best technology for their JM speakers. Besides, 120W will be more than enough to rock your room because they are quite efficient. Good luck! Arthur
Try a pair of Harbeth Monitor 30's, and don't worry ever again...(:

Lots of great speakers out there, the JM Labs mentioned by Aball are also very good indeed.

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Take listen to the Revel M-22 Performas as well.
Pick up a used pair of Maggies, even better but only if your brave and have a somewhat large room...Apogees!

I second the Revels though I don't own them.I am a midrange guy and use tubes to that end and horns to do the job.If ou could find a used pair of small Odeons like I have either the Model 17's or double 6's which even though they list at $2800 and $3600 respectively sell for about a third of that used would be way to go.If I change it will be to Quads at $3500 used.I like Maggies too.The 1.6 which can be had for $1200 used or $1600 new are fine but they and the 3.6's at $4200 have there limits alone but with a punchy sub ana correct room and set up can work out great.But the little Revels (I haven't heard the M22's only the M20's) will knock your socks off with your sub with superb imaging and tonal balance.Nice metal drivers rear firing super tweeter.A great monitor.And I sold B&W for including the great Nautilus 805 for 6 years!
P.S.Another good one is Aerial and Joseph monitors if youb have access and can compare them.
For the price & performance I would suggest listen to Totem speaker which you'll find quite impressive from Low to High.
Maggies are an obvious choice in your case since you have the Rel Strata III, the other option you have is to go for the Paradigm Signature's baby model at around $2000, once they are paired with the Rel's they would be a great combination.

Just my $0.02
Definitely put Totem Acoustic Hawk or Forest or Mani-2 on your list. The Totems have an awesome high and mids. Also, I know they all mate well with the Rel Strata III.

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