Speakers with good timing

I have come to the realization that I am very timing sensitive, and noting is this more obvious or apparent than in the bass region.
My current speakers are some very good condition Yamaha NS1000M's but I always fear that they will give up the ghost at some stage. By way of information they combine super fast treble and mid, with a fast tight bass due to their sealed enclosure (infinite baffle). I am always drawn to electrostatics, and heard some very good linkwitz riley copies - both have that lack of overhang - or a second bass sound following the first coming from a bass port.
I happened to have an ll too brief a listen to some vivid audio standmounts that had ports - although I was told that the ports are to relieve back pressure from the drivers as opposed to being there to create bass.
Out of interest does anybody here know of other speakers that time very well
Martin Logan, Naim, Raidho, Evolution Acoustics, Clearwave, Sanders Sound, Vapor Audio, Selah.
What is "good timing"? If you are talking about speakers that are "time coherent" then that is one thing that would be very easy to research (Thiel and Vandersteen come to mind immediately) but there are plenty others.

But it doesn't sound like time coherence is what you are talking about. I've never know what the flip reviewers mean when they say a speaker or component has good "timing" or "pace" or "rhythm." Music has timing, components do not.
If you see a pair of Coincident Triumph extreme Mk IIs come up for sale, snatch them up. I've heard speakers at 10 x the price that can't match them. They are time aligned and are fast, articulate, superbly coherent, and all this with great timbral accuracy. I just love them.
it's to do with the problem of bass reflex port designs that use the port to create bass and a sound of their own. This often lags behind the sound generated by the main driver, and causes what I identify as 'timing' issues

A well-designed ported speaker can have awesome PRAT. In fact, I have found that well-set up ported speakers "breathe" better, a quality that IMO improves PRAT rather than hampers it. Speakers that combine technologies (i.e. stats on top and woofers on bottom) increase the chances of timing discrepancies. There are tons of speakers out there with good timing, you just have to pair them with the right amps with sufficient drive and you're good to go.
You are going to get the same list of speakers as if you asked "what is your favorite speaker?"