Speakers with good Bass recommendation

I'm adding a 2 speaker stereo using the multi-zone feature on my Marant 8200 receiver and want an efficient floorstanding speaker that has good bass and sound stage. Budget is less than $1,000. Any recomendations? New or used. Playing classical, soft rock and jazz vocalists. Want something musical!
Def Tech BP 7004, second time this week I have recommended these. Great under-reported speaker. Built in subs, and bo-polar.
BP 10b's, or the hard to find long discontinued BP 30, bo-polar's wo/subs. BP 20 can be had new at $1000. Definitive Technology speakers are outstanding value for the money and very decor friendly.
Look into the Cerwin-Vega CLS-215 or CLS-15. The 215 has been very favorably reviewed (surprisingly) by both The Absolute Sound and Soundstage. They're about 95 dB efficient and are pretty flat down to 26 hz. They are also very flat in amplitude; the response curve at 90 dB is nearly identical at 95 and 100 dB.

Available within your budget at Amazon.
I have owned the Def Tech BP30 and it was good in bass and relatively easy to drive, but in my experience Def Tech speakers are limited in positioning due to the bipolar feature and sound a little dark and muddy to some. I sold the BP30 for about $900 some years ago, but still have a pair of the BP10 in another system and remain a fan of Def Tech speakers.

I purchased a pair of Von Schweikert VR2 speakers which have deep bass (substantial output below 30 Hz) and and sometimes can be found used for about $1000. The VR2 have an ambience tweeter in the rear but volume can be adjusted so placement is more flexible. In my opinion, the VR2 bass response is fast compared to Def Tech and can be adjusted by loading the port.
Look for a used pair of Quad 22L, very good bass and soundstage. I just love the high gloss real wood cabinets on these floorstanders. Within your price range used.
I'm sorry, the BP10b's not 20's can be had new @ $1000 or use to, I see they have raised the price $200/pr.
would you consider 2 quality bookshelves with a small sub? this may work for you needs as well and provide additional options. Even a 8" sub often outperforms modest floorstanders. Just a thought

I have to recommend the Alon Mk.IV speakers. These have an incredible tight realistic bass response. Ray