Speakers with fullness and weight?

I've always made a concerted effort to hear as many speakers as I can, but I've only found a few lines that have some of the qualities I particularly value. Quite a bit of my music collection includes modern alternative rock/electronic that is a lot less enjoyable when played back on speakers that are too honest (read: thin sounding). My current speakers (Vienna Acoustics Mozart SEs) really give the music a weight and solidity that is often hard for me to find in hifi. I love how the drums give a really hefty thunk, and guitars seem full and rich rather than nasally. This probably just correlates to an increased midbass and relaxed treble, but all the same, any suggestions of other brands would be appreciated. Older Monitor Audio speakers also seem to have this characteristic.
I agree with Charles1dad, Thin sound is not honest sound.
second dynaudio-contour and confidence lines gives this punchy and weighty sound .I remember listened Monitor audio pl300,B&W803D and then after while may be one hour Dynaudio Contour S5.4 and C4.Weighty sound of dynaudio win me over
What Zd542 said is absolutely correct. Everything matters!
Zd is right. The entire system contributes to the punch and weight of the sound. You need to match your amp to your speakers, obviously, and also consider your source.

I have Reference 3A de Capo I's powered by a YBA 201 integrated. It's good for now, but I know I can get a punchier, more weighty sound from a better amp - probably something along the lines of an ARC or a Rogue or a PrimaLuna.

It sounds as if you're looking for a warm sound in your speakers. You might try contacting Mapman (his Audiogon name) who knows quite a lot about which components add to the warmest sound.
I agree with the post that recommends looking at your entire system, especially the power quality. I added a PS Audio P3 AC regenerator and am amazed at the power, dynamics, and bass I am now getting. Before this I was considering new speakers because I thought my system sounded a bit slow and lifeless. The P3 transformed my system more than any other single component I have experienced. It was as if I got a whole new system. Of course this is my only experience but before looking to make an expensive upgrade a modest investment or tweak could give you what you are looking for.