Speakers with forward midrange?

I am looking for a set of non-planar speakers, monitor or fullrange, that have a forward midrange. Why because I like it. I have read a few times that some consider the Monitor Audio's as having a forward midrange.

I spent a long number of years listening to, what was at the time, Monitor Audio's best Gold series flagship, which was a d'Appolito design of 2 x 6.5 mids and the 1" gold dome. I'm not sure the model anymore since I no longer have access to them. In my opinion the old MA's were of better sound quality than the newer incarnations which use the metal cone drivers, which I find give off a unique resonance that I don't really like. But even up to today, MA's retain an increadibly dynamic range. Colored sound? Maybe, but they still just sounded so good with all types of music. I always called their sound very "full and round", meaning to me they had all the frequencies balanced. Very full bodied bass, considering all their models are relatively small. Very detailed (not bright at all to me) upper end as well.

I have heard many other brands of speakers but none of them had the midrange I was looking for. To my ears almost all other speakers had a recessed midrange.

When listening to a great many other speakers in a simial price range I may hear great dynamics, great treble/bass, but "Where's the midrange!". I hear the music but have trouble making out voices. Maybe because it's easier to give a speaker good highs and lows, and harder to get the mids? Klipsch (almost all but, not the big wooden horns which I haven't heard) to me is a good example of great dynamics with recessed mids.

So, anybody know of other brands of speakers with this "full bodied" sound I'm looking for? All input appreciated. Thanks.
they have a brand sound that is more forward than many. The models sound similar, but with varying bass depth.
Tyler's feature the mid range. I have a Linwood 3 way Ty made for me with a full sounding midrange.

try Epos M12's or M12.2's... reasonable cost and have fantastic midrange...
psb stratus gold i has excellent sounding midrange
Spendor speakers are noted for having excellent midranges, and I would also recomment my own speakers, Alon Lotus SE MKIII's which use an dipole midrange drives utilizing alnico magnets which give the midrange nice projection. I saw a pair for sale on here the other day for $1200 which is a ridiculous steal if still available.
Thank you all for your suggestions so far, I will definitely be taking them into consideration. I am new to the audiophile thing (always loved it, but couldn't afford anything until now).

My current speakers are actually the original Alon IV's. I know they were voiced for tube amps but considering the 87 db sensitivity and high current needs, I find it rather odd. I have not heard the Alon Lotus SE MKIII's but sounds like something to look into, since I do love the dynamics of mine.
by forward...I take it you mean 3-d sounding midrange(front to back depth)...the best I have heard...especially on vocals(which is the true test)...GMA Europas...the best Monitor AUdio speaker I have heard...studio 2s....good luck...