Speakers with deep base

Looking for a speaker that will do deep and abundant base. Must have, at least in my view, at least 12''+ drivers. Thinking 5-7k in budget.

My room is 20 feet wide and 60 feet long.

Other restrictions on gear are really not an issue. I can buy what I need.

Thanks Ken

Be careful what you wish for! If you had a graph of a speaker that had "abundant" bass then it might appear (and sound ) like the highs were rolled off.
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Easy answer: B&W 801N or the original Revel Salon, both available within your price range.

The B&W needs to be bi-amped to sound right - it requires an enormous amount of power.

The Salon can go incredibly loud with really high quality bass, and also requires a lot of power, but doesn't require biamplification. If you like 4th order crossover speakers, it is hard to beat, and at used prices, it's an enormous bargain, as it is an excellent speaker.

Large drivers are not necessarily needed to achieve deep, prodigious bass - the quality of the drivers and their implementation is what counts - but yes, larger cones are generally better.
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