Speakers with built in subs?

Greetings Everyone,
I was wondering if any of you theater buffs had experience with speakers that have powered subs built in vs. stereo speakers and a seperate powered sub.I am contemplating a overhaul on my speakers in my theater and have seen several companies offering speakers with powered subs in the cabinet and could appreciate the space saving aspect of it but wasnt sure if there was anything I was quite possibly overlooking that might change my mind either way like pro`s and cons of the two options.The speakers and subs will be strictly for home theater for I have a seperate 2 channel system.
Thanks In Advance
I think i've been knocked off the throne : )

This type of speaker does have it's place. On top of the "convenience" factor and space savings, the designer can also build in equalization circuitry to ( somewhat ) correct for driver deficiencies / box design. This can result in very solid performance if done correctly.

Keep in mind that you may require slightly different connections and cabling to achieve this though. Make sure that your preamp / amp has the capabilities to work with the speakers that you choose. You will also need power cords to run to your speakers, so placement "may" be affected by this to some extent also. This is not to mention the potential for ground loops ( depending on one's house wiring and where you plug them into ).

My basic suggestion is to look for a speaker that does music very well. Since the sub could be tailored for a music application ( tight and quick ), increasing the "thud factor" above that for movies should not be a problem there. I would also look at the power rating on the sub amp. In my opinion, the more the better when it comes to bass and HT. Sean
My recommendation for speakers of the type you're asking about are the Genesis 500's or 501's (same look and basic design, 501 improves the midrange crossover or something). I use the 500's for music only but wish wish wish I had the bucks to buy another pair for HT or just for a second system! These speakers have built in amps for the woofers and are superb sounding w/their ribbon tweeters. Genesis is out of business for the time being, w/rumors of reopening w/a smaller line up of products, and these models are available very cheap on Audiogon and elsewhere. Used you will pay $4800-5500 for these speakers that retailed for $13,000.
Thanks for the input everyone.As far as the budget goes I am not sure yet,but will probably be somewhere around $400-$800 for fronts used and $3-400 for a matching center used and whatever needed for some rears.I currently have all klipsch speakers and I bought these intentionally for the theater,loud.I am running everything with a denon 3600 reciever and multiple powered subs.As time has went on,even with the klips only getting fired up maybe once a weekend the horns are getting to me,I know some better electronics would help those horns but I simply cannot justify the expense for once a week and maybe 4hours tops at that.Since I already have seperate subs the space thing wouldnt be a huge deal but the theater taking up less space I am sure would make the wife happy.Sc53,great suggestion but a wee bit out of my league.
Thanks Again
For my living room I have a pair of Klipsch KSP-400's with built-in 15" subwoofers powered by a Nakamichi pre-amp/amp combo. The speakers are big & heavy but no separate subwoofer needed. There is massive bass everywhere yet good top end for vocals. To bad I listen to most of my music in the family room now.
The B&W DM605-S2 with the built in subs list for $2200.
There is also the orginal DM605. There is a pair of the S2 version on eBay, item number 1336725896. Bidding is up to $1150. Ends thurdays night