Speakers with built in sub any good?

I am planning to upgrade my speakers. After reading the thread "To sub or not ..." i realize that many are sold on use of good subwoofer for music. Are there any good speakers with built in subs in the $1500-2000 price range or should I get good full range speakers and separate subs later? As always thanks for your help
There are the B&W DM605-S2 that sell for around $2000. 130 watt amplifier in each one to power the bass. See comments on Audioreview.com
B&W created them for situations where it is not physically possible to use a sub properly. You can get information also at their website www.bwspeakers.com I prefer a separate sub, but depends on your budget and taste. The Hsu VTF-2 power subwoofer sells new for $500 direct from the manufacturer. Probably one of the best powered subs for $500 or less new. Still leaves you $1500 to get good main speakers.
Speakers w/ built in subs that sound good to my H ears are pricey (Genesis, Audio Physics, etc). Agreeing w/ sugarbrie regarding a separate sub, I'd add another option: Audio Physic's "Step" + sub. BTW, how big is the room??
Greg, My room is 15'x20' with a 12'x12' dining room at the end with no wall of separation. This gives me a 32' from wall to wall. The LR (15x20) has a vaulted ceiling
placing speakers w/built-in subs can be problematic - the best location for imaging/soundstaging can often be at odds w/the best location for bass response. this is why many top-line speakers are 2 units/channel. i recall reading a couple reviews of genesis' megabucks speaker w/built-in sub - i tink it is their 3rd-from-the-top model, the 1st w/o separate sub towers. seemed to have excellent sound *if* the location/bass-integration thing could be sorted-out, which seemed to be a real challenge...

if ewe want true low-frequency response in a full-range speaker, & don't wanna blow your budget, i'd suggest a pair of used thiel 3.5's. w/their factory active equalization, these offer true 20hz extension, as well as doing that imaging/soundstaging thing that thiel does so well. even in absolutely mint condition, ewe should be able to find a pair for ~$1k. use the savings for amplification upgrade - thiels *crave* hi-quality current, & lots of it! ;~)

doug s.

Artemus, don't think the Step will fill yr. room. I second Doug's suggestion (Thiels). In my experience, they need very careful positioning, otherwise U get too MUCH bass -- but yr room looks fine on screen for them. Also, Thiels are power guzzlers, as Doug says.
The Genesis V or 500, with a servo controlled, built-in sub, are usually expensive used (BUT, U never know...). It takes time to fine-tune them, but the rewards are very good IMHO, especially in as long a space as yours. I have them and am very happy with them. They too, like amp power.
Any way U can audition some products? To get a feel of how much better (or worse) the sound gets vs. yr present gear...
FYI, There is a pair of Genesis V's on e-bay, might be
had real reasonable!!?? Starting out at 1k.

They have awesome bass with their seperate 400 W/CH
amp and 8 8" woofers.
You might consider Vandersteen Model IV's. Sub is built in & fires to the floor, so placement is not a problem as with side firing subs. These can be had for aroud $1,000 to $1,500 for a good used pair. Also a great sounding speaker for its price range.