Speakers : Who uses What ?

Which brand and model drivers are used in speaker systems. I want to know which company I am listening to . Is there a web page that lists who uses what ?
Hard to tell. Most of the better manufacturers make their own drivers; they are not in the box enclosure business. I am sure B&W makes their own drivers.
I thought I read a thread here in audiogon some months back where someone gave a site with a list of drivers used by various companies . I didn't persue it at that time , if whoever has this information could respond , We would appreciate it . If the list can't be found let's start one . All of us have replaced a driver sometime . We need to note which system , which brand and model driver was used . What do you think ? Wouldn't we be more effective in knowing which drivers sound best to our ears and which drivers irritate our ears or are too bright , ring ,or sound warm ? It would be nice to know how much a megabuck speaker manufacturer spends on their drivers .
http://www.snippets.org/ldsg/sect-14.htm Great source of info.
I have to disagree with the assertion that manufacturers do not let us know what drivers are in their speakers. It is true, however that many do not. But, every day, I see TOP maunfacturers pointing out that they use brands such as Morel, Vifa, Dynaudio, Scan Speak, Audax, Focal, Eton, Seas, Cabasse, etc. with PRIDE. They often use it as a selling point. Want names? In no particular order: Vandersteen, Coincident, Vienna Acoustics, Eggleston, North Creek, Wilson, Proac, JMlab, Hales, and Joseph.
sugarbie, most speaker mfr's do *not* use their own drivers, they outsource them from arelatively small handful of driver mfr's. of course, there *are* a few speaker mfr's that make their own drivers, but they are in the small minority. even companies like wilson, w/their multi-kilobuck products, outsource the drivers. jm-labs, dynaudio, thiel all make their own drivers, not sure about b&w...
I followed the scanspeak web site (www.vifa-peak.dk) list of distributors to Madisound (www.madisound.com). Click "retrofits" to find a list of replacements and substitutes sorted by loudspeaker manufacturer. Hope this helps a bit.
Bdw007 Thanks for the info . Just what I was looking for.
If you want to know about drivers, get the Solen catalog. It's more info than you need, though, and doesn't tell who uses what. They all claim that they either "rebuild", or have them "custom manufactured", though. Sometimes they do. After a while, you'll recognize them all.
The driver in my speaker is a sheet of mylar made by DUPONT...