Speakers vs. headphones

I’ve spent many, many years building a stereo system that I finally can say I’m satisfied with, but recently had to make a change due to a complaint of “too much noise” in the house.  So, headphones were the answer.  
After just a few days of listening with a middling headphone (HIFIMAN Ananda) and inexpensive DAT (Firefly Cobalt,) I find myself enjoying (and getting into) the music  more.  Of course my system objectively is much better and cost light years more.  However, I find there is a certain intimacy, seemingly being closer to the music, and of course no distracting audible room effects to deal with. 
I’m not giving up speaker listening but what a pleasant surprise.


Who knew?


We are living in a wonderful age when we can have such alternatives.

Getting a stereo, any stereo, to sound good in a room without also making it look like a recording studio is a daunting task which is hard for any but misanthropes like me to live with.