Speakers used under 1K

I'm looking for some new speakers for my living room system. I've always liked PSB Stratus Silvers or Golds. My current amplification is a Marantz reciever but I'm probably going to add a solid state amp(at least 150 watts). Any other recommendations???
I just saw 4 pr of Definitive Technology BP10 closeouts for 600 bucks list at $1000. From American Theatre. These are a very good value for the money especialy at $600 makes it even better. I have had BP8,BP10's. They have plenty of bass don't really need a sub either. They look nice and fit any decor. Stereo review did a review of the BP8 a long while back and said they are compared to speakers of $2000.
Look at Magnepan. You will need the amp though, because Marantz receivers don't have the current to drive them.
Triangle Celius 202, maybe a little above $1000 used. Well worth the money.
Vandersteen 2C or 2CE and you won't likely find better in that price range. Maggies are a good alternative. Two speakers of different character however.
agree with the vandies.
I'd look for a clean, used pair of KEF 104/2's w/KUBE. The Goldi's and 2CE's would be on my list as well. I'm looking for a nice pair of 1993-94ish 104/2's myself actually.
you would be better off with the vandies than a lot of different speakers. I have heard the celius speakers and didn't like them at all...even listened to them with different amp-pre's, cables everything...just not inviting at all! There are a few dynaudio speakers that come up around that price point that may be worth looking into if that is your thing...GO AUDITON and get a feel for what brands may make you happy, then shop here on the GON!
if you like the stratus golds, get them. they are well designed and a great value. play are types of music equally well. weight,balance,and their neutral to boot.
Von Schweikert VR 1's....about $600 and that leaves you with dough to buy some decent stands.