Speakers under $50k that rival $200k+ speakers?

Curious if there are any used or new (less likely) speakers out there that rival flagship speakers like Focal Grande Utopia, Rockport Lyra, Marten Coltrane Supreme 2, Magico M6, Raidho TD 4.2 or D4.8 etc?

I'll throw out a contender. If you look on ebay and the used market you can sometimes find a Von Schwekert VR 10 for around $18k CAD and from what I heard it can rival many TOTL speakers like the Grande Utopia. Do you guys have any thoughts?
I loved the Avant guard duo mezzo at axpona such dynamics but you may need more space. I almost bought a pair but went for gryphon.
Yes you can call me a partial - but I have been a dealer for 30 years and have sold some of the worlds most expensive systems and Have heard just about everything else out there. Until you experience what the GT audio works loudspeaker system can achieve with its planar  magnetic crossover less system with its accompanying Open baffle servo subs you haven’t experienced true dynamic transparent sound. GT audio works loud speaker systems have consistently won best sound of shows -Most of our customers from around the country are our best  advertising. Please see below video 
And yes they are way below 50k
If I were trying to beat 200k speakers with 50k I would spend 30k on speakers and the rest building a proper well treated listening room. To paraphrase Jesus: Why are you worried about the splinter in your speakers eyes and ignoring the beam in your rooms.
If you can spare the time (you obviously have the funds) I suggest attending an audio show to calibrate your expectations. I went to the 2018 AXPONA and the Tampa show this spring. My favorite speakers at both shows were the MBL 101 E's Yes, they are $70K but they sounded better than all of the more expensive speakers except for the $300K Von Schweikerts. But there were two other speakers that really stood out. The Rockport Atria II's ($27K) and the Dynaudio Contour 60's ($10K). On the other hand I did not like the sound of the big Wilsons ($200K+) even though I listened several times. I thought I must be crazy until I met a guy who, unprompted, told me how bad the Wilson speakers sounded.  He described exactly the same problems that I heard. We couldn't blame it on the room because next door there was a system featuring the big Sonus Fabers ($100K) and they sounded gorgeous.There were two major takeaways for me from these shows, 1) I could not see much of a correlation between price and sound quality - at least for my tastes, and 2) my mid 90's vintage system consisting of Krell amplification and Mirage M3si speakers could challenge all but the best systems that I heard. Granted, I've had years to optimize my room and the rest of my system but I realized that I will have to spend a lot of money to achieve a serious upgrade.
Thanks for all the suggestions guys. Right now I have a list below. What do you think?

  Most interested =====
Nola concert grand reference
Rockport Cygnus
Focal stella utopia 2 EM

Somewhat interested =====
Von Schweikert VR10
TAD Reference 1
Magico S5 MK2
Magico M3
Revel Salon 2
Lumenwhite Kyara
Canton 1k
Paradigm Persona 9H
Dynaudio evdience platinum
MBL 101e
Peak consult Kepheus
Surrountec monolog