Speakers under $3-4,000?

Have MC2500, need some speakers and don't have an unlimited budget. Used of course. Have a big sub I can use if necessary.
the best deals are on Magnepan 3.6s right now.
The new 3.7 is out and fire sales of 3.6s are happening.
The Magnepan is not for everyone. Folks either love or hate them.
Need a lot of room behind them, at least 3 plus feet to backwall.
Since the 3.6s were made for over 15 yers, need to acertain the age, and price accordingly.
They are under $3,000. now used.
AS we're talking about recently discontinued fare so far, and yep usually those are great deal items....

Be this self serving or not... in many many years of various speaker sets, JBL, BW, Monitor Audio, Infinity, Bertagni, Phase Technologies, Canton, etc.

The recently discontinued Silverline Sonata IIIs are fine speakers! Especially if you find them in piano gloss. The piano gloss versions are less susceptable to humidity or heat and subsequent blistering or cracking in the finish.

Theuy'll play on just a few watts, tube or SS, or a bunch of watts, 250 - 500 - ?

containing one of the best tweeters Dyn Audio ever made, or anyone else arguably, the Esotar. Easy to set up, small footprint, and sound great!

Several versions of the Sonata were made... Alan finally got it right in the IIIs. IMHO. My pr were done by Alan hmself and are a matched pair.

Every speaker I've heard on par with them or better are in the $10K - 12K range.

I just heard a pr of JAMO R909's I think could best the Sonata IIIs with a bigger/better power amp than the 150 NAD multi they were attached too... but in all I feel they are a step up... the R909's new cost $15K + .
Elizabeth, Do you know if the 3.6s were upgraded and changed through the years, or is it simply a matter of age and use? Thanks
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Have MC2500, need some speakers and don't have an unlimited budget. Used of course. Have a big sub I can use if necessary.
If you want usable suggestions, please supply us with a description of the rest of your system, especially your amps(if you are keeping them). Also, the size of your room and how much distance from the front and side walls you have for placing them. How far will you sit from them?

Finally, what type of music you like to listen to, how loud you listen, and what are your musical priorities (bass, midrange, high frequencies, pace, soundstage, depth, etc)

Also, some other speakers you've heard and liked or disliked.
I would not buy used magnepans. The 3.6 has delamination issues that are atmosphere and age related. A new pair of Magnepans 1.7s would be a much better buy. They use foil instead of round wire for the "driver" and delamination will be minimized (or gone...).

Used Thiel CS2.4 would be a more traditional option (and my vote). They can be a touch bright but have very good bass to off set it.

Focal Electra 1027S:
Well balance, clear mids but a little light in the bass

Dynaudio C1:
Do a google search, countless good reviews.

Dynaudio Contour S1.4
Cheaper alternative to the C1

I have not heard the Usher Mini Dancer II but they are also getting very good reviews and look very nice.
James what about the following:

Monitors with Ribbon Tweeter combo
Mark & Daniel maximus
Volent Paragon VL-2
Dali Helicon 300 or 400

Monitors Soft Dome Tweeter
Vienna Acoustics Hadyn
Focal 1007 Be
Totem The One

Prefer ribbon tweeter speakers for
The crossover was slightly upgraded on the 3.6s but i do not know the year. My new in 2010 3.6s have a larger crossover box the connects and sits vertically. The older box was smaller and connected horizontally.
The Glue for the wires/panels was changed like five years ago or so, and the story is the newer ones will never delaminate.
the older ones can be refurbished by Magnepan, and at the Magnepan boards, folks are regluing them and it is not a big deal, certainly not a speaker killer sort of problem.
The outer socks are also replaceable.
The basic 3.6 has been around for 15 years.
And old ones are just as musical as new ones.
The delaminating is sort of the Magnepan equivalent of needing new foam surrounds on woofers IMO.
Magnepan has always held great on used prices, and buying them now, the price will not drop again for a lot of years.
The one issue is shipping.
I almost had a chance to buy a used pair close enough to pick up. but the money right at that moment fell through for me. So i suggest watching for a pair close enough to go pick up. The panels are large and bulky, so shipping is expensive, and fraught with problems, though new ones never have shipping problems. Any van can be used to carry them.
Darkmoebius is right. Room size and placement constraints, etc., will generate more helpful suggestions. That said, with patience, the new Gallo 3.5 could be had at your pricepoint (used or otherwise discounted); it is excellent and (I'm guessing) adaptable to a range of applications, partly in virtue of it's small size. John
Audiokinesis has a new design out in your price range its well thought out and a good deal.
My few cents worth based on your stated amplifier and budget:

Gemme Audio Katana's are great and will fall in the middle of your budget ($13,000 when new for the V2s). I have a pair of these and also a pair of Wilson Watt/Puppy 5s and after 6 months still can't determine which is a better speaker for my tastes and which ones to keep/sell.
The Thiel 2.4's were a good rec., but why not also consider the 2.2's which sound very, very similar and can be had for about $500 (a cheap way to determine if you like Thiels).
Dynaudios are another good recommendation.

I have a lot of respect for Elizabeth, but I am not so sure about the Mags unless you have already listened to them and know you like their sound. I know E will probably dispute this, but I think they are a higher maintenance speaker when buying older used ones than MOST people want to deal with. If you are going Mags, I would find a dealer and consider buying new or at least a later mfg. pair locally (which she suggests anyway).
I would buy either Legacy Focus 20/20's or Magnepan 3.7's. Both entirely different, but amazing.
Ckoffend makes good points. I did not recommend the Thiel 2.2 because I have not heard them. There are just so many good buys out there on the used market. You can get the Revel Studio for around $4500 ($12000ish when they came out) and make your first highend buy your last (assuming it is your first)...
There are rebuilt Quad 57s, Quads 63s, or a good used pair of Quad 988s !!!!!!!!!!!!
Try some NEW BOSE series 6 version 2's....one of the BEST and future CLASSIC that we will talk about for a long time! These new 901's have had over 650 improvements done to them! They don't even use the same speaker drivers as was in the 1988's 901 series 6 any more! Two pair of these NEW 901's STACKED sound DAMN GOOD!....
Tyler Acoustics
Hifisoundguy's Bose troll post gets funnier every time I read it. <:-/
Everyone, thank you very much for the responses. The search is on.
James63, do you run the Studios? I have been looking at a pair recently. If you do now or in the past run/ran them, what amps did you use? I am not trying to hi-jack the thread since your comments on them would be worthwhile (hopefully) to both the OP and myself. Thanks
I do not have the Studios I am just a fan. I am using a pair of Thiel CS2.4 I bought used off a local dealer. I like the CS2.4 a lot but I often think I should have bought the Studios used off Audiogon instead because the price difference is marginal...

Now I am just too lazy (hate the hassle) to sell my CS2.4 and grab the Studio.
You might consider the Von Schweikert VR-33 speakers which still sell for $3750.
There is currently a pair of used Vandersteen Quatros on The 'Gon for just (as in $1) under $4000. I have no affiliation with the seller, but do know that those are some fine speakers for the money.

Have fun with your selection and happy listening!