speakers under 1,500 excellent top to bottom sound

I am looking to upgrade from Alon II speakers to improve soundstage, bass, and overall sound. I use a Mccormack DNA-1 ss amp with tube pre-amp. I don't want boomy bass, but to be able to fell it at mpderate volume. My room size is 14 x 19.

I 've read soom good things about Von schweikert and Thiel. I don't have the space to keep the speakers 4' away from the wall.
Not sure if Dynaudio would be an upgrade or not but they sound great in my similar sized room,and I only have 200w @ 4 ohms to power them. (Carver TFM 15cb power amp) The McCormick is certainly more amp than the Carver.
I can run the Dyn's about two feet out from the wall, zero toe-in,and the low end and soundstage are quite good. The Dyn's I have are pretty old (15 yrs maybe?) and I'm certain the new offerings are at least a bit more efficient than the 82 or 84 db @1w/1m that mine are.
Move up the Alon line ... even the V's can be found in your price range. VERY little in the $1500 will have the bass of the Alon V plus if you are accustomed to the dipole mids and highs of the Alon's, direct radiating speakers may sound "wrong" to you
Try some usher 6311, 6371 and 6381 speakers they are excellent performers and a bargain for what is there.
Agree with Jrinkerptdnet, the Alon Vs are a steal used going for under $1K. Send the woofers to Miller Sound in PA and he will make them even better.

Happy Listening.
But a pair of very slightly used Magnepan 1.7's and keep them 30 inches from the wall.
Keep the speakers and upgrade your CD player or amplifier....
Alon IV's available in South Carolina on the Audio Circle site for $1000 if you are in a hurry ... if not, a pair of V's will show if you are patient. The Alon V is one of the best "bang for your buck" speakers available on the used market. I just HATE the way they look but since you already own the II's that is a non-issue for you!
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