Speakers To Use With McIntosh Receiver....

I haven't posted here for quite some time. I have finally sold my ranch style condo and moved into a much larger home with a family room. I am currently getting ready to set up a second McIntosh system in our family room. I currently have McIntosh MAC 4100 Receiver rated at 100 WPC. I am looking at getting some speakers that will mate well with this unit - but haven't looked at any smaller speakers for years. Some good suggestions would be most appreciated. I'm trying to keep the cost under $600.00 (used) if possible. I can go with either stand mounted speakers or wall mount speakers. Many thanks for your input.
McIntosh & Klipsch sound great. Check out the Klipsch Heresy's.
Hi, I've owned that same McIntosh unit and I think I used Paradigms with it. I feel that they are an honest value for the money and they offer all types and sizes. If you want to have other speakers in the same room or play two sets at the same time, get 8 ohm speakers.
The 4100 has a highish output impedance (i.e. low damping factor) so you have to keep that in mind when choosing a speaker for it. Today's speakers have a much lower impedance in general and the 4100 will not like that.

I would suggest the JM Lab Chorus 714 which is a small floorstander. If you really want montiors, the Chorus 707s is also quite good. These JM Lab speakers will compliment the mellowness of the 4100 really nicely IMO and they have friendly impedance and sensitivity.

I see you have Thiels in your other system so I am rather sure you will like the JM Labs. Nice little setup by the way - I used to own a C712 and it was great for the money. Arthur
Klipsch are very synergistic, heritage types only in my view are worth listening to. The above mentioned Heresys are a great combination. You can find them all over and the price is variable $300-500/pair used they still make them but they are version III and the II used cheaper drivers than the I's (pre 1985 may earlier check) Gracious knows what they are upto know but if they aren't even more inexpensively made despite their princely price.