Speakers to replace Proac Response 3's

Im asking this on behalf of my father who's been out of the hobby for some time, he currently has Proac response 3's and is contemplating upgrading, his requirements for the new speakers would be,

- they can be absolutely no bigger than the proac's, and preferably smaller
- they have to be able to FILL a 20 x 20 x 12 foot room with sound
- budget of maximum $3000 new or used
- must be a significant upgrade from the proacs

my father listens mostly to jazz, but good performance on everything would be appreciated, he also has a sub so extreme low frequency is not essential.

associated equipment:

bryston 7bST monoblocks - 500w into 8 ohms...power is not a concern
Sonic Frontiers Line 2 Pre amp
Arcam Alpha 9 cd player
Oracle Delphi Mk 5 Turntable, with Graham 2.2 arm, and Grado Statement Cartridge
What about the Joseph Audio RM22si signature Mk2 speakers? Please see http://www.josephaudio.com/product.rm22simk2.html

Or, for a little more money (`$3,500), the Joseph Audio RM25 Mk2 speakers. cheers..
Why does he want to upgrade? The ProAcs seem like a good choice.
he certainly likes the Proac sound. just looking for something better, and if possible for WAF reasons less physically imposing
I replaced my R3s with the Hyperion HPS-938s. An upgrade in every single aspect, imo.

Let's see big room, WAF, and good sound. Your father may want to check out Vienna Acoustics used Beethoven or Strauss if he can find them
Try going with paradigm studio 100's. I think you will spend the money wisely with these speakers. I actually own proac response 3.8s and a pair of d15, but if thats your budget and you dont want to go over you might want to stick with paradigm. Also try out the nht evolution system reviewed in the past edition of stereophile, i think that will be great for that large room.
Replace response 3's with Paradigm studio 100's? I don't get it? Do you believe that would be an upgrade? The response 3's are in a whole higher league sonically.Don't get me wrong here, as I honestly believe the whole line-up of the paradigm studio series are surely one of the best "bang for your buck" speaker products on the market today.... but a proac 3 they are not.
I confess, i have not listened to proac 3's. But i have listened to 3.5s and d38, d100s. I currently own pairs of 3.8s and d15s for the bedroom. Although i would say that it is not entirely urgent to upgrade the 3s, they are stellar speakers, if you had to go for something under, even significantly under $3000, i would go for the studio 100 v3. I have listened to these with modest sources and believe they are stellar loudspeakers. They dont beat my 3.8s but do come close. Thats my opinion and others are open to theirs, but read the reviews and take a listen at a good hifi shop. They are winners, in every catagory.