speakers to replace infinity Qe

I have an old set of infinity Qe speakers, which although inexpensive in their day feature the emit tweeter that i love the sound of. Unfortunately one of my emits has officially died so i either need to replace it or the whole speakers, if this will be an upgrade. replacements must be reasonably small and sound good with near wall placement and be under 1k used is fine. I listen to alot of acoustic bluegrass and folk, a selection of rock and some jazz mixed in. my sound priorities are acoustic instruments and female voice, with tight controlled base close behind. i don't need a lot of bass but any boominess is completely unacceptable. the rest of the system is an airport express driving a musiland md-10 into a b&k st202 so i have power to spare, inefficent speakers welcome if they sound good. thanks
Replace your emit if you can. These things blow all the time so Infinity may be out, I haven't checked in a long time. The Triangle line has a nice tweeter but they have changed it from the time I got mine but I,m sure it's just a little less bright. I liked all my Infinities but it's had to find something that replaces them exactly. You'll like the Triangles on your kind of music but the bottom end doesn't punch. Good luck.

Thanx, Russ
Wow, I remember the QE. $100/ea. Awsome sound for the price back in the late '70s. I had a freind that bought a pair. We were only 13 or so at the time. I found a pr. of QA's at a thrift store a few yrs. back, they rivaled my Definitive Technology BP10b costing $1000. Please tell us what you drove them with when you bought them back in the day.
I owned a set of Infinity Qa speakers long ago... Very nice!

They edged out the Advents I had my eye on (ear on?) due to a slightly better bass response (although they didn't play as loudly).

I later moved to VMPS and then to Aerial's line of speakers.

At your price range used and given your probable listening preferences I would try Aerial 5s or Totem Model 1s (in order of preference).

Check some research on these and see if there may be a place nearby that you can audition them...

They might fit the bill!

Happy Listening!