Speakers to replace B&W N804s ?????

While a fan of B&W, I think I want to look at some of my alternatives to my current N804’s. I am in a difficult space and I think the B&Ws are too unforgiving. They sound really great with acoustic and most classical music, but are fatiguing with other music. Its not a glaring/obvious problem, but I find I am listening less and less to so much of my music b/c its just not as enjoyable. I am happy with my source components (& have eliminated them as the cause (Cary 306, Cary Cinema 5, Krell HTS, XLO cables). I have also made adjustments to the room (acoustic panels, curtains), but the dimensions and layout cannot change. I would like some recommendations for a small floorstander that provides detail, but errs on the warm side. The speakers will also be part of a HT set-up and must look good.

The room – 12X13 with a 5-foot opening into a sun parlor 7X12. The speakers straddle the ent. center in the corner. I know, not optimal, but the room must be functional. The speakers are 6” to 8” away from the wall. Based on some reading, I thought possible contenders would be Meadowlark Osprey, Triangle Luna, Von Schweikert VR2 or VR4jr (maybe too large). Any thoughts on these speakers? Any suggestions or recommendations? Thank you
I have the 803's with BAT VK 150 SE's, VK 5SE and I love it.Sounds very warm with every kind of music.Before I had the VK 50SE that sounded a little bright but after I changed all my cables to Acoustic Zen and changed the pre for the VK 5SE my system sounds much better.Before you change the speakers try another amp, preamp and cables.

Good luck.
If you have your heart set on new speakers, the new B&W 703's have delivered a death blow to the current N804's. For $500 less they sound better in the midrange and they kill the 804's on the top end.
I suspect that your XLO cables might be the culprit. You should try some other brands of speaker cables first and then interconnects. Try to stay with one brand of cable. Let them break-in for a week or two before passing final judgement. Are you bi-wiring the speakers. If not, try a shotgun bi-wire speaker cable.
You didn't mention a sub. Try listening with a subwoofer if you aren't now.
The other brands of speakers that you mention are all good companies. But keep in mind that B&W spends more on R&D each year than all three of those brands added together sell in total sales.
You might want to wait as the new Nautilus line is due out at the end of the year and I am sure that they will sound better. And no, I don't own any, sell any, or work for B&W.
You could take a look at the Coincident Partial Eclipse (or Super Eclipse III if you have the budget). All the speakers in the Coincident line sound very good - quick, realistic and smooth, with excellent imaging and a well balanced tonality that's just a touch sweet. The side mounted woofers make them very flexible when it comes to room placement.

I have N804s in my living room system, but I got them before I found out how really good some other speaker lines are. I'm a major fan of the Coincident lineup now, having heard six systems that use them.
I owned 803's and 802's both Series III for many years. The 803's were a mistake on my part because the speaker is a one box enclosure. The 802's are a 2 box enclosure which seperate the woofers from the midrange/tweeter. This eliminates most of the energy transfer which blurrs really clear sound in the 804's and 803's and by the way, most single box speakers in that price level. The 802's were much clearer in sound, smoother top to bottom performance and more liquid highs. If you like the B&W sound, you might want to purchase a pair of 802 Series III's. Don't go after Series I's or II's. They have significantly less bracing in the cabinetry and B&W made some significant improvements in the drivers as well in the III's all of which makes for less listening fatigue. They should also be on Sound Anchors. This includes your 804's. If you don't have your 4's on Sound Anchors, this could result in signal deterioration and listening fatigue as well. The other thing to consider would be your cables. B&W's have always worked best with AudioQuest. I used many other cables in combination with B&W's and AQ was always the best, least fatiguing of all.
Give a listen to the Signature 805 before you leave the B&W line. It is by far the best speaker I've ever owned. If you really need something other than B&W, my suggestion is Audio Physic. Either the Yara, or the Tempo. I think you would be happy with both. Just be a little careful with speaker placement.
You should consider the Focus Audio FS788. Here is a review:

I have owned the N804s and tested in my home the whole Nautilus line except for the N801 (too big). If you want to keep the speakers, I would give you two different recommendations:

First try to move them a bit back against the front wall and/or your listening seat to a less nearfield position. Doing this will also change the tonal balance in a positive way. The reason is that the N804s (and N803s) have a reticent presence band, which makes the flat tweeter sound aggressive and bright. I know that long-wall positioning aggravates this and I had no problems of the kind with short-wall positioning. If this is not possible, then try warm-sounding interconnects step by step; I can recommend one that is very inexpensive, the Tsunami ULTRA that Circuit City sells exclusively on their car electronics section. It only costs $40 per 1 meter pair and it is very good in all other respects.

I second the Focus Audio's.

You can't go wrong with any speaker in the signature line IMHO.

thanks again for the replies. The focus audio speakers do seem very nice, albeit no local dealer & pricey. I really want to buy locallly so I can try the speakers out in my home. The 804s are probably going. I have spent way too much time tweaking them to be & I want a speaker that works better for my room.
Check out the Audio Physic Virgo's. With the woofer on the side, they present a very narrow face to the listener so appear smaller than what they sound like. I myself am a B&W fan having just traded up from B&W Matrix 804 to Nautilus 803.
I second the b&w Signature 805. An excellent speaker that has MANY differences from the nautilus line other than cabinet finish. Much broader sound stage and clarity. I would highly suggest trying these first.