Speakers to pair with a Red Wine Audio Sig 15

I was wondering if anyone had any advice on speakers to pair with a RWA sig 15(budget is around 1500 max ideally less - so we aer probably talking used). I listen to about 80% rock/pop,and about 20% jazz with some electronic and hip hop sprinkled in. My apt is one long space about 13 wide 45 long and 9 tall. The stereo is on the long wall and I listen about 9 ft from my speakers. I have already gotten the following suggestions: Tekton Lore, Lore-S, Omega Super 6 XRS and Zu. I have heard the Zu Omens and it wasn't my cup of tea. I like the Lore-S, electrostatic like mids, great instrument separation and all the instruments and vocals sounded real but I found them just a bit too smooth. I haven't heard the Omegas, stad lore or other Zu speakers(in case this question looks familiar I asked the same question on audiocircle). Thanks.
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How about a pair of Klipsch? Cornwalls, Fortes, etc. Replace the tweeter diaphragms (SUPER easy) with the Crites Ti diaphragm and the crossovers with the Crites replacements and you'll have a very smooth, very dynamic, very efficient speaker, for not a lot of money.
Perhaps the above is a better title. Although I should mention that I am not that interested in concert level SPLs. Only that the music sound good.
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I thought "High Efficiency Rock Speakers" would be a better title.
You may want to listen to the standard Lore if possible. The version you heard, Lore-S, is supposed to be more "refined" and "audiophile." The standard Lore is said to be more "lively."
I recently tried the Red Wine Signature 15 amp on three different pairs of high efficiency, 8-ohm speakers, and two different systems after burning the amp in for 150-200 hours. I found the amp to sound quite "flat" and non-dynamic on all three speakers, using 2 different, high-quality front-end components and various combinations of cables. Two other fellow audiophile friends had the same reaction to the amp, and we were quite surprised how different it sounded from the positive review it was given by the 6 Moons website. I returned it within the 30 day trial for a refund.
I agree with Bigshutterbug. The amp whas not lively at all. Very boring. I tried the Signature 15 with a pair of Triangle Commets that are 91db efficient and very easy to drive and it was flat line. No attack or energy.
The tone was good, but that's it....
I had the Sig 30.2 with a pair of Omega Super 3 XRS w/hemp driver 93 db .Smaller room than yours.Def. did not satisfy ,felt like the sound was too small for any music that I liked. Also hooked up the 30.2 to my Harmonic Precision Caravelles ,sounded ,,,nice at lower volumes,I really wanted to like it,but not enough power,and the batteries drove me nuts,.Just my opinion!
Bigshutterbug can you tell me what speakers you tried the sig 15 with?
I listened to the Sig. 15 on my Reference 3A Episodes and de Capo i's, as well as some Triangle Comete's on a fellow audiophile's system. Both of us have owned and enjoyed small SET amps, gain clones and other low output, battery powered T-amps.
IMO, you really have the wrong amp for your musical tastes. With only 15 watts into 8 ohms, you've painted yourself into a corner regarding speaker options. I wouldn't have reservations playing jazz or chamber music on 15 watts, but you listen to rock/pop 80% of the time. You obviously will have to go with a high efficiency speaker but a lot of times they are single driver and don't really have much bass, which, let's face it, is a big part of the music you listen to most. I was going to recommend my 96db Omegas I currently have for sale, but given your preference in music and the dimensions of your room, they probably won't work. High efficiency speakers, especially in your price range, usually have one driver and that one driver may not fill your size room with the bass heavy music you like. I hear good things of the Tektons. Also, maybe a Zu Essence, if you can find one in your price range. I had a pair once. They may work, but I would sell your amp for one with more power and current so you can increase your speaker options.
I agree with Devilboy...with your musical preferences and room size, you would be better off seeking something with more power.
Some of the Update old Altec Lansings would do a good job, that size room, I would think some version of the 604 would do a very good job.
I too found the Sig 15 a little less than dynamic with the stock tube but switching out the tube made a really big difference and now I feel that I have the tone and dynamics. I do agree, however, that I may have painted myself into a corner when it comes to picking out speakers. Having said that as long as I don't turn it up super loud(which I can't as I live in an apt anyway) they sound really good with my Totem rainmakers, much better than the NAD reciever that I had and the Totems are definitely not efficient.

Thanks everyone who is participating. Its great to hear so many points of view.