speakers to mate with wadia powerdac151

thinking about putting together a second system around a wadia powerdac 151...i've read that wadia was demoing this with the dynaudio excite 12 to great effect. Has anyone mated it with the focus 110, focus 140, or special 25? the excite 12 is not exactly an easy to drive speaker, so if handled that I'm curious if it can handle the bigger dynaudios...
I'm pretty sure the Focuses are harder to drive than the Xcites. I haven't used or heard the Power DAC, so no clue as to how it handles things. Seems like a great piece though.

The Focus 140s are a bit of a tough load for lower powered integrateds. The Naim Nait 5i could have used some help when I heard it driving them. The Nait is a pretty strong amp for 50 watts, so it makes me think the Power DAC will struggle a bit more.
I have one for my computer desk now, it is definitely low powered so use efficient speakers for best results, over 90 dB is a general guideline as it strained to power 87 fB speakers for me even in nearfiled listening.
So far my Omega Compact Hemps (96db) are sounding pretty nice with the Powerdac. I'm wondering how low in efficiency (sub 90db ?) I can go in my 16'x28x9' room and still have respectable volume levels for when I wanna rock. This little box is amazing. Wadia has a giant killer here!
i will try it with merlin tsm mme's. i'll get back on that, as soon as i know more.
I heard the 151 on a pair of the new Dynaudio DM 3/7's($2000 two way floorstanding speaker nominal 4 ohm impedance) at the Rocky Mountain show and I was floored by how much control that little amplifer had. A pair of Focus 110's would be a stellar combination.