speakers to match with Cayin A50t

I have a Cayin A50T and have been using engergy veritas 2.3 speakers. However, I blew a mid and there are no replacement parts anymore. I need a new set of speakers. I'm hoping to spend around 1500 used for floor standers. My room is 13 x 19 and I listen along the long wall. I listen to a variety of music from jazz to classical to bluegrass and world music. Sound stage is important to me. What should I be concidering that will mate well with the Cayin which is an el34 based tube amp that buts out about 40 watts.

I use Triangle Comete (bookshelf) and love the sound with my Primaluna PL2 w/ el34's. Triangle has some nice floorstanders that would work for you like the Celius (used around $1100). I listen to a variety of music and other than a bit light in the bass end the sound is good.