Speakers to Match to CAT pre amp and CAT mono bloc

The musicality and dynamics of CAT amplification is legend. I would like to know, from those that have CAT amplifications, what speakers would you recommend for a room that is 25'L 17'W x 13'T. Music library is principally jazz (acoustical,vocals, small ensembles) blues, and world music.
I have the Cat Legend feeding the Cat jl3 monobocks to a Pair of Avalon Isis,before that it was a pair of Avalon Eidolon Diamonds.

Boy take your pick. I'm pretty sure those electronics would sound good on any speaker. I would just avoid any speaker that dips below 2 ohms.
Just about any speaker you like. The electronics are not limiting your choices. Based on your musical taste, I would seriously consider the Merlin VSM-MXe. I think Ken likes Merlin, Avalon, and Wilson. Ken has Merlins at the factory and has been at shows with them. For small scale, acoustic music there are few better speakers made. I don't like making across the board recommendations, but the Merlin VSM-MXe would likely make you very happy with the CATs - I was.
We have set CAT amps for customers with 81dB sensitive MBL 101E, as well as with 109 dB sensitive Avantgarde Trio horns. They drive MBL without any problem, and there is no noise with Avantgarde, when the CAT Legend preamp gain is set to low.

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My CAT JL1's & now JL3's superbly drive Soundlab M1's. Not many more difficult loads than that.

If anything, CAT amplification may be better than pre. They will drive virtually anything and do so with powerful bass control, but SET like nuance in the mids.