Speakers to match this system....

Looking for speakers used or new under $750 to match this system...
Audio Refinement Completed Integrated
Cambridge Audio DVD 300
Analysis Plus Copper Oval Interconnect
Analysis Plus Oval 12 Speaker Cable
I have the same Audio Refinement System and I would suggest 3 possibilites from most expensive to least.
1. JM Reynaud Twin MKII about 750.00 new and hard to find used.
2. Triangle Comete or Titus. 450/Titus ans 650/Comete. The difference is the Comete has more Bass. Once again hard to find used.
3.Axiom (axiomaudio.com) M3Ti or M22Ti. 3Ti/275 &22Ti/400. I have a pair of M22's and I have to tell you Axiom is audio's best kept secret. They only sell in the US by internet and they also have an outlet store to save money. Please do not be fooled by price. I was. I had a pair of ACI sapphire's at 1300.00 a pair and decieded to try the M22's just for giggles. I got the pair and out of the box they sounded like crap. Called Axiom and talked to the owner Ian (how often can you do that). He explained they need to be broken in. Ive broken speakers in before but none sounded this bad. He also said he would take them back no questions. After 40 hours these little babies smoke the sapphires in mids and highs and are equal in the bass. I now have a Axiom Home Theater system using M40's for front, VP150 Center and QS4's for the rear, 3 of them. Subs are custom. A freind who sells Paradigm came to listem to them , both systems, and had a jaw dropping experience especialy when I showed him the reciepts. For 750.00 you could get a pair of speakers and a sub from Axiom. Do I sound like an Axiom commercial, would you if every speaker you owned was Axiom. Fell free to email me back if you have ?'s. Thanks Tom
If you're looking for a monitor speaker, consider the Soliloquy 5.0s. They mate well with the Audio refinement complete and Analysis plus SC's
I second the reynaud twin
Axiom M22Ti. It's fun to embarrass much more expensive speakers. Get the black as Boston cherry looks weak. Buy through Audio Shoppe Ottawa, Canada and ask for Mark. Best deal.
Sell the cables and you'll have over a grand to start. Then find out what you can listen to locally and go listen.

I'd agree with all the recommendations above--all great. It would help a great deal if you tell us a bit about your preferences, then we can be a little more specific about why one model might be more appropriate than another or offer other recommendations.

Used Kef Reference 104/2 or Vandersteen 2SC