Speakers to match Parasound JC-2/A21 in small room

I recently purchased a Parasound JC-2 preamp and A21 amp replacing an inexpensive integrated amp. It was a rather impulsive decision never having heard them (and only reading the reviews) but I got a great deal. In the near future I also want to replace my speakers, Focal 826s, which I have always felt were a little bright and lacking bass. My stereo room is on the smaller side being only 13’ x 13’. Anyone have any suggestions as to speakers I could audition? I listen to all types of music from classical to rock. I want more bass than I have now but don't want a sub. Thanks.
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Thiel CS-6.
Dynaudio C1's would be a nice match for you
Thanks for the responses
Vandersteen Model 2ceSigII, Vonschweikert VR4jr, Martin Logan Vista,
ProAc Response 2.5
I was also looking to get a new pre-amp for my Classe CAM-200 mono amps.
I have an Audio research CD-3 CD unit.
I was looking at:
Parasound Halo JC-2
Audio Research LS26 MKII used
Audio research REF 2 MKII used
Any thoughts?
Do you like your JC-2 ?
They've given the JC-2 great reviews.
Thanks. Sally