speakers to match mainly with Mac SS and tube

I haven't looked at speakers in awhile, using mostly Mcintosh ss and tube gear, specifically the C46/252 and a C2200/2751V...also have some modest VTL gear and even a Naim Nait 5i hanging around.

I currently use a pair of B&W Cm4 modest floor standing.

I like the sound I am getting just want better, I have always belived in a good front end, really good electronics and then the speaker...hence all the electronics..also use a Linn Ikemi and a Mac cd changer as sources.

My problem with the upper end B&W is not the sound, but the look I just don't like it, what i am looking for is a medium floor standing speaker, about 40-45" high, not too heavy and easy to drive.

I have heard good things on these forums about Tyler, paradigm, Von Scweikert, Jm Labs etc, any and all opinions would be appreciated.
Hi Ben
As a fellow Mc man, I have to suggest the JM Labs. They are easy to drive and have an fast, open and transparent sound that compliments Mc super well. The Electra series is much better than the Cobalt but not as expensive as the Utopias. I have the 926s which work great in my small room but the 936 and 946 are better for larger rooms. There have been some really good deals on them lately due to new replacement models arriving in show rooms now. I am familiar with a good number of speakers, including B&W, and find the JM Lab Electras to be fantastic sleepers for the money that throw an unbelievable soundstage with razor sharp accuracy in all aspects. Anyway, keep us posted on your decision! Arthur
Hi thanks for the response, my room is also not big, how much are they ?
I'm using a C2200 preamp with Von Schweikert speakers - VR4JRs - and wouldn't change speakers for anything else I can afford - they are just captivating. VS offers the VR2 which might meet your needs - it is very detailed, musical and natural-sounding (i.e. not hyper analytical) with a solid, tight low end. They run $2500. new and about $1500. used.
I have a C22 - MC275 combination driving a pair of Vandersteen 3a Signatures in a 10 x 16 room. Excellent, top to bottom. Sure beats the pants off of the Paradigm S8 Signatures I had.
(they would drive you OUT of the room with HARSHNESS....)
I know it's been said before, but the Vandersteens really do sound like real, live, music. Of course all Mac tubes up front help, too. Choose wisely...