Speakers to match Carver

Especially to those of you with CARVER "Sunfire"electronics.I have just become the proud owner of a new Carver C1000A home theater reveiver & would like some recommendations for speakers.Budget for fronts is around $1500.00,room size is 13'long x 8'6"wide x 7'10" high.Video monitor & ece.cabinet will be centered on the long wall.My shortlist includes the new AUDES 307's,Vienna Acoustics Bach and B&W CDM7NT's if I can find a good deal on a used pair.I look forward to your replies.Thanks to all.
I am using the Sunfire Cinema Grand to drive Legacy Classics in a vertical biamp configuration, and I love the sound. My room is much bigger than your's though. In my room, I am down about 4 dB at 20Hz so I really don't feel the need for a sub woofer, though many will tell you you need one. If you can find either a pair of the Classics or the Signature III's they should work well. The classics usually run around 1200 or so used, so that would fill your needs. That doesn't include the center channel, but the Legacy SilverScreen II center is one of the best out.

Unfortunately, I have not had a chance to listen to any of the speakers on your list, so I can't do a valid comparison.

find Sean under "member lookup" & email him with this question if he doesn't surface here, which he very well might do anyway. He's a big Sunfire fan & would happily share experiences. Can also tell you which cables he likes for best synergy.