Speakers to match Audio Refinement Complete?

Need suggestions for matching Audio Refinement Complete with speakers.
The Meadowlark Kestrel's ($1395 also good deals used)are a fantastic match and I believe their new Swift model $995 would be as well.. check out the enjoythemusic.com HE report for photos.
I just purcahsed the Audio Refinement Complete and I'm waiting for it to arrive. I will be running B&W CDM 1 NT's. I believe (and hope) it will be excellent sound!
I would recommend any model in the Silverline Audio (http://www.silverlineaudio.com) model line. Easy to drive and very musical. If you have a local dealer, I think you will truly enjoy the audition. TIP: bi-wiring is a strong recommendation for any speaker system that offers this feature (i.e. dual sets of binding posts). -Donald
I second the vote on the Meadowlarks. The new Swift is amazing and actually more efficient than the Ketrals. The B&W's may sound bright after a while, so listen to them a long time to be sure.
I would suggest avoiding anything with metal dome tweeters. I used one with B&W DM602S2 for several months, but went back to tubes.
I had great success using Totem Rokk's with the AR Complete. Beautifully built speaker and non-fatiguing, terrific value and priced so it would be a natural fit with a Complete.
I've used the Complete Integrated with JM Lab Cobalt 810s. The Focal titanium tweeter and laid back presentation of the Complete were a very synergistic combination.
Congratulations on your purchase. I understand that the ARC is quite a little amp and comes extremely highly rated by several reviewers.

I'd really like to know what you guys think of the A.R.C. after you've had it a while.

You may try the Triangle Celius, which is (one of) the reference speakers for Audio Refinement.

Alan Hsu
For a monitor go with the SF Consertino's for a floorstander you have got to hear the complete with a pair of kestrels !!