Speakers to hang on to for LIFE

After 9 years with my Proac Response 3s, I recently decided to change speakers. As you can tell, I'm not an upgrade fever patient. I want something I can live with for years & I think the best advice I'm gonna get will be from those who have & are still living with their speakers for an extended period of time. Please tell me why too. Thanks.Bob.
Until a few days ago - I had had a pair of KEF 104/2 since 1984.
Un-colored, linear reproduction, incredible timbral accuracy, wide stable soundstage, some good bass.
I finally got the KUBE to eq the bass - in the end that was the 104/2's weakest aspect - the bass around 300hz - that and mid-range glare when driven (sometimes)
My wife won't let me sell my Legacy Signature III's, she has a very good ear, I'm always trying to out do them, and seems they are unbeatable. I also can't sell my Kef 101's, which i've blown a tweeter in and still can't seem to part with em. Both pair of speakers were purchased new and will probably be life long partners..
I bought a pair of Dunlavy SC 3's eleven years ago. I have a little subwoofer (VS1 10", self powered) so I am covered on the low end. I hardly use the sub and I'll keep these speakers forever!
Great thread. I am in the process of researching the speakers I want to keep into retirement (about 7 yrs from now). I started upgrading about 6 months ago buying a pair of McIntosh 501s, a one terabyte music server, Squeezebox Duet, Benchmark DAC1 Pre. Currently drive 15 year old B&W 803 Matrix. The new gear really enlivened the 803s but well you know.......must have new speakers!

I decided to stay with B&W and will choose between the 800D, 801D, and 802D. I currently have a pair of 801 series three matrix as short-term loaners. The 801s are so good they'll make you cry! Their only problem is the wife doesn't like their looks as much as the 802s or 800s. I tried telling her they make her bottom look smaller; she was unamused. I'm leaning toward the 800s at this point but will not decide until in-home audition of all three.