Speakers to hang on to for LIFE

After 9 years with my Proac Response 3s, I recently decided to change speakers. As you can tell, I'm not an upgrade fever patient. I want something I can live with for years & I think the best advice I'm gonna get will be from those who have & are still living with their speakers for an extended period of time. Please tell me why too. Thanks.Bob.
My current pair of speakers are 15+ years old. They've been upgraded a few times within that period, and I'm going to be upgrading them again soon.

Driver technology has advanced, so new speakers may be better for that reason alone. (Assuming that the new speakers are designed well.)

Some parts of a speaker may degrade over time, so that has to be considered.

Changing speakers every 6 months seems excessive to me, and keeping the exact same speakers for 20 years also seems to be excessive. There's some middle ground that would be best.

If someone gets pleasure out of switching speakers every 6 months, I guess that's their business. But I'd just question whether they actually know what they're looking for, or are just trying new things in a random attempt to reach some nebulous goal.
Rockport Antares(currently using) or for less money[a lot less], try the DeVore Fidelity Silverback References...
I purchased a pair of Signet SL280EX in August 1994, They emit some of the best sounds I have heard from any speaker at the price point I paid for them then. Those Signets are still providing my family and me with the same good sound they have provided since the day I purchased them. I have also purchased a pair the SL260s for rear surround and a Signet center channel speaker in 1996. I am about to upgrade to either Quad L series or Wharfedale EVOs and hope to keep them for at least 10 to 15 years also. If a pair or set of speakers produces good sound, there really is no need to upgrade any more often than that.
I'd be interested who still has their speakers they've claimed to be worthy of a lifetime. And if they've moved on, to what and why? This thread has been around a long time. I'd be surprised if 1/3 of the contributors still have the same speakers.

I've still got a pair of N805s. I sold my other pair to fund other hardware purchases.
KEF 104.2's. My all time favorite, reasonably priced speakers were the KEF 104.2's. Another great sounding speaker for the money were the Klipsch Fortes. Those are some jamming rock speakers.