Speakers to hang on to for LIFE

After 9 years with my Proac Response 3s, I recently decided to change speakers. As you can tell, I'm not an upgrade fever patient. I want something I can live with for years & I think the best advice I'm gonna get will be from those who have & are still living with their speakers for an extended period of time. Please tell me why too. Thanks.Bob.
Let's not forget stacked Bose 901s!

Will stack my two sets of stacked Bose 901s (Series IV ???), with Technics Class A amp, Advent (Apt/Holman Design) preamp, high end CD player, and middle road interconnects against almost any speaker competition. I know it defies convention, common sense, science and the state of the art, but I cannot begin to count how many times I've felt embarrassment for friends when we do a listen-to-listen session, with their Wilsons, Magnepans/Magneplanars, Dalis, Veledines, Krell ref subs, Agogees, Klipches, Vandersteens, Avante Gardes, et al. And it doesn't matter the room, acoustics or source material. I look you in the eye and say get the 901s before they are discontinued...
this is a no Brainer I have gone to many shows ,
spoken with hundreds of designers and listened to hundreds of systems ,the loudspeaker-s that are easiest to work into a room and the most balanced are ,In my opinion ,the New JMR- Jean Marie Reynuad loudspeakers ,
The Offrande can do within 2 db at 30hz for a stand mounted loudspeaker and look beautifull doing it . a natural warm character, with great soundstaging imaging and detail
very rare to have all these qualitys cds I thought I knew are now showing instuments or voices that were lost ,
never fatiguing like some razor sharp loudspeakers .
A must hear for any true music lover , they just sound more real , compared to Sonus Faber or jm labs or even merlin , these beat them all for pure musical enjoyment all in all.
I'll second the Offrande; however, Fab Audio's Stonehenge floorstanders are more accurate, neutral and have all of the imaging (especially image size), soundstaging and non-audiophile detail. And they are very efficient. Build quality is first class.
I have had Polk RTA-12s since 1982, use them with a Velodyne F1000 subwoofer.

I have compared them directly with Sonus Faber Concertos, and kept the Polk.
I am very happy with Martin Logan. I use Krell Mono's as amplifiers and am very happy with them. One thing to remember though. Room placement is critical. Once you have it rite. Look Out. Your Hooked.