Speakers to hang on to for LIFE

After 9 years with my Proac Response 3s, I recently decided to change speakers. As you can tell, I'm not an upgrade fever patient. I want something I can live with for years & I think the best advice I'm gonna get will be from those who have & are still living with their speakers for an extended period of time. Please tell me why too. Thanks.Bob.
I formerly had/have Conrad Johnson Synthesis LM-320 speakers, but apparently I do not regard them as "speakers for life'' anymore, although I did some 15 years ago!
My Dunlavy SC-VI,,,,,I will be buried in them....
I have owned my Klipschorns for 17 years and never looked back. I could easily keep them for life. They are an amazing and often overlooked speaker. I'm now forced to downsize and sell my K-horns. I've been diligently seeking a smaller replacement for the past 6 months, and finally settled on the Spatial Audio M3s -- but I have to admit, as good as they are, they still can't do everything the Khorns can do. The Khorns can handle anything, without breaking a sweat, and they just don't have any real weaknesses. I love my M3s, but will always miss my Khorns.  
wow, blast from the past.....

Funny as I read my last posts and I had just gotten the Treo's....I'm move up to the Quatro CT's in Audi Havana Black.  Look as great as they sound.