Speakers to hang on the wall

What would be a good speaker to use for hanging on the wall? Something shaped like a magneplanar.
Well I justed order a pair of PMC Wafer 2's to use as rears in 5.1 system.
Magnepan has an On the wall speaker.
Magneplanar (MMG ?) with the optional wall bracket ! They fold away when not in use . Pretty WAF friendly , especially with a decorative sock !
You may wish to consider Legacy Harmony even though they don't, strictly speaking conform exactly to your request; they look gorgeous have great range, etc....while they are to be built into the wall as opposed to simply hanging on it, you might wish to consider them.


These are the Maggies specially made to hang on the wall and they are only 299 a pair. There is a center channell too.
I have never heard Maggies,what do they sound like? I have a pair of Cremona Auditors and the Pathos Logos will the Maggies sound close to the Auditors and will the Logos go well with them?