Speakers to consider in the $2200 range

I am finally ready to upgrade my speakers from Polk Audio LS90, CS350 & LS/FX to something much better. So far I am considering Dunlavy SC-IV, Cantata and Aerial 10T. I have eliminated the SC-IV simply because of size. I plan on auditioning the 10T in the next few days. I am still trying to locate the Cantatas locally.

Over the last year I have upgraded the front end to Aragon Soundstage, Bryston 4BST, Aragon 8008x3 and an Anthem CD1. I also have 2 Energy AS180 subs. Under my current usage I am 70/30 HT to music but that is primarily because of lack of time because of grad school. Once I am back to normal, it will be 50/50. I listen to all types of music but more so Jazz, Soul, R&B and Reggae. My room is 23x12 and the speakers will be set up on the short wall.

Thanks in advance for your help.
Might want to audition Vandersteen 2ce and Joseph Audio RM-7s
Aerial on your list isn't too small either...
Tastes are very different. For me I would NEVER go for Joseph and less-likely for Vandys as well.
In this range you could shop for Totem Forrest,
B&W CDM9NT(if you're going to use subs), used Sonus Faber Grand Piano(that is a truely giant killer!)
I meant in the $2200 range USED....Thanks.
Here's another vote for Sonus Faber. You could also take a look at Monitor Audio GR-60's.
You could buy a new pair of Vonschweikert VR-2's for that price. I love mine and chose them over speakers that cost much more. As always, only seriously consider speakers that you can audition yourself.
At the $2200-2400 price point for USED speakers, you may be able to find a pair of Vandersteen 3A Signatures, which is a terrific speaker at its retail cost, and almost unbeatable at the used price. I am using a Bryston 4B-ST amp to drive my 3A Sig's (and a Bryston 5B-ST for the center channel and surrounds), and am very pleased with the combination.

Your room width is a bit narrow, but the length is more than sufficient for you to place the 3A Sig's at least 2.5 feet away from the rear wall.
Another I'd recommend; Silverline Sonatas or Sonata II's.
Take a look at VMPS and Source Technology (www.sourcetechspeakers.com)
I would also try to find a used pair of Aerial Acoustics 7b, I've seen them priced in your range.
Some very good suggestions. For even less, though, you might want to consider Thiel CS3.6's.
I second the suggestion for VS VR2s. This is an extremely dynamic and cohesive speaker. With all the people dumping them to upgrade to the Jr., you can get a killer deal on a pair. They will be hard to beat anywhere near the price.

I would recommend Source Technologies as Sedona did. They are incredible speakers. Of course, Magnepans are a must listen. My MMG's are the only pair of speakers that I've owned that I will never sell. You can get the 1.6QR's new and save some cash.
I would also check out Audes, The Blues, Very open,and airey speaker. Great soundstage. Very well made, and nice to look at. Brian
I owned a pair of PSB Stratus Gold I's retail ~$2800, but you can find them for ~1200 used. I highly recommend these, as they are wonderful speakers and an exceptional value. The speakers are well suited for your large room and will provide ample bass. Some of the speakers listed above, while quite nice, would have trouble with a room the size of yours. The PSBs are wonderful for stereo in all areas (imaging, soundstage, etc.) and are very, very nice for HT.