Speakers to compare to Paradigm Studio 100 V.3

I am getting ready to build a stereo/surround system and I really like the sound of the Paradigm studio 100's. I would be getting the full set (5 speakers + 15" servo sub... the recommended system on the paradigm website). Are there some other brands i should consider at this same price point ($5500 - for the set of 5 and the sub)? The speakers will be used as 2 channel stereo the majority of the time, with surround being not as important. Power comes from a Denon 3803 for now until i can add an adcom or rotel 2 channel for the 100's.
You may want to check out the psb Stratus Goldi mains and its corresponding matching sub.
are you planning on getting the same speakers for your fronts and backs?

If your planning on doing the majority of your listening in 2 channel mode than you really should budget appropriately.

I think you can do a hell uva lot better than paradigm 100's, personally I'd budget like this:
3.5k for your front speaker
1k for rear speakers
5-700 for center
5-800 for a sub
and make sure to buy used!!!

be prepared for everyone to post that you need to upgrade your amp/pre/source/cabling etc....
Given your budget, I would sure look at a good pair of front speakers such as Vandersteen 3A Sigs. The Vandersteens are much better than the Paradigms (IMHO) and are easier to drive. Since you primarily listen to two channel, I would recommend a good sub that would mate to the Vandersteens (Vandersteen sub) for both two channel and home theater use, with the surrounds being the cheapest component. You should be able to get all of this for $5,500 used, and have a system that will last you a long time regardless of your future component upgrades.

Good luck
Oops! Forgot the center. Once again go with Vandersteen, VCC Sig, for instance. You should still be under your budget.
I have always liked PSB and Paradigm speakers for what they are..very good at every price level in their respective lines. That said, I have always found the Vmps line of speakers to be better at every price level in their line than the PSB's or Paradigm's. I would try to check into these also if I were you.

I will have to agree with most posters.There are things about the Paradigms 100 v3s I like. But the sound is a little boxy on the low end.I would look into and all Magnepan setup and find a nice sub or two with tight low end bass.They have a new line out that looks pretty good! It won't break the bank all while giving you sound that speaks volumes for musicality.
Paradigm speakers are a good value and a good all around speaker. When I owned them I never found the bass "boxy". The only thing was. they always sounded like two speakers. I never knew what precise stereo imaging and soundstaging was until I stepped up. You can get a better speaker used for about what you'll pay for these new. I liked the vandersteen suggestion and the vienna acoustics line really impressed me as well. If you have a big room I would look at Dunlavy.
I agree with Cmpromo 100%
Well put.

I agree with the idea of Vandersteen 3a Sigs. I have the Vandy's at home, but have spent a substantial amount of time listening to the Paradigms at the store while auditioning CD players recently. I'm not going to beat around the bush: the Vandys are clearly better.
Quad 21L or 22L both will easily better the Paradigm in imaging, clarity, neutrality, detail, and has one of the sexiest midranges around. Both dig deep, the 22L deeper.
I'll second what Timo suggested. The PSB's sound phenomenal. I didn't buy these only because of the low WAF regarding their looks. Big, black boxes. They sounded better than the CDM9's I ended up with for the same money. The Paradigm's are nice too. I liked the B&W's a little better. I haven't heard any of the others mentioned. Spend far more for the fronts than for the rest. These guys' ideas are right on regarding that.
The PSB's are a natural comparison to the Paradigms, and if you must buy new, both are excellent brands for the money. I have helped several friends put together systems using both Paradigm and PSB, and they are all quite happy. The Studio 100 v.3's are a standout speaker at their price, IMHO. However, if you might consider going used, I myself would prefer a Thiel system. Much better imaging, soundstage, etc., but still dynamic and full-range. If it were me, I'd budget $1,000 (maybe more) for a decent sub, pick up a pair of used CS3.6's or maybe 2.3's for the L/R, and that should leave enough for three SCS2's or maybe even SCS3's for center and surrounds. Presuming that you have amps able to drive them, I would suspect that a Thiel system like I have outlined would be a noticable improvement over Paradigm or PSB. B&K and Martin Logan are also very good suggestions, but of course it ultimately comes down to personal preference.