speakers to audition with pass labs / PAD cabling

My system today is composed of pass labs xa30.5 amp and x1 pre amp and Tannot D700 speakers. All interconnect cabling is PAD Venustas (luminist rev). All power cabling is also PAD. Have LE to amp, and Canorus to pre. I'm thinking of trying some new speakers. I don't listen to music loud (mainly 8 - 10) on volume (out of 26). My music varies to everything but country ... sorry... lol
So i've noticed that my tannoy's seem harsh on top end, and would like a little more slam on low end.

Friend has Wilson Sophia's and loved them. Also liked magnepan, but not sure amp can power 3.7's.

price range target between 5-8k 2nd hand.

Anyways... thoughts.
I wouldn't base my choice of speaker on what type of cables you have. If you do a good job matching your components, you won't need to get expensive cables. I've owned speakers from both Wilson and Magnepan and they were OK. Actually, I still have a pair of Wilson's in my 2nd system. I can't tell you if you will like them, but I prefer Vandersteen. Overall, they work very well with Pass. Have a look at the Model 2 and 3's, and maybe the new trio. If you end up needing more bass, add a pair of their powered subs. The only thing I would caution is that with Vandersteen, opinions vary greatly. That's due mainly to people just getting their listening experience from reading reviews, as well as poor setup. Setup is critical if you want to hear what the speakers can really do. There's other good speakers, but that would be my first choice.
We had a pair of Wilson Watt Puppy 5.1's with a 30.5 for a long time and enjoyed it without regret.

Not familiar with your cables, but I can tell you the combination is magic. The 30.5 performed way better than it ought to! Significantly better than our X-250.5.

We used MIT Oracle cabling and a Meridian front end.

Enjoy your music, TJF.
Never heard of them.. but will look them up. Tks for thoughts.
Fsyme, I also have owned the XA30.5 and Pass preamps. These are a fantastic pair to begin with. You didn't define what qualities you like best in the sound but your mention of Wilson said a lot right there. I agree with Zd542 that set up is very important and I add that speaker toe in and tilt must be spot on to get pinpoint imaging. My cabling is good but far from the best (Gabriel Gold Rapture). I have found the Harbeth Super HL5's to be exceptional in rendering a very accurate soundstage, with huge depth, detail, holographic imaging and accurate tone. They've got just enough sweetness and warmth and are not fatiguing at all. Their sensitivity would compliment your 30.5 very nicely and they sound fantastic at any volume too.
Focals work very well with Pass Labs amplifiers. I use a pair with my xa100.5's and like the combination very much.
Yes.. those are on my list. Just need to find a place to demo.
would never have thought xa30.5 vs x250.5.. as many have said Wilson's need power. That said.. will give them a try. I'll see whats around Harbeth in Minneapolis.

Tks both for suggestions.
The XA30.5 is not the best option for Wilson Audio. Because they have a fast response. They work better with more amperes. I have owned the XA30.5, XA60.5, XA100.5, X250.5 and now the X350.5.

When you use a Purist Audio limited powercable the X250.5 will have a totally different sound compared during using another cable.

I always prefered the XA series, after I bought the Purist Audio Limited Edition it changed my thoughts. Because this powercable brings the mid fre. to a whole new level. Like your X series amp is sounding in the mid freq. like a XA series amp.
MIT is fully useless with Pass Labs. This is very easy to explain. The stage properties of Pass Labs is that the stage is wide and deep. But withing the big stage the individual focus of instruments is not sharp and realistic as it should be. So you need cables to adjust this. MIT have similar properties according to the stage.

In all the years that I visited a show often Pass Labs demos with MIT has nothing to do with realistic music. During a show I asked the person ( F. mongol) if Jacintha has a head of over 3 metres. So I asked him if she has a water head.

Audio is all about understanding music and each different property a tool owns. Because when you are not aware of these properties you never will understand what each tool does in your set!
The .8 series have a more intimate sound like the .5 series. So they created a more realistic stage like before.
I do use the limited direct into xa30.5 and yes its a huge diff. I think I remember you pointing me to demo PAD vs Siltech.. etc and they turned me into redoing my whole system. What would you suggest speaker wise for xa30.5
I would have loved to be standing there when you asked the Pass Labs person if the singer had a water head.
Pass Labs, of course, does know quite a bit about audio.
Hahahahaha....noooo this was the distributor of Pass. I have had many emails about this issue with Desmond from Pass labs. He is the one who creates their pre amps.

These problems are made on political choices. Pass labs often cannot change these limitations that easy. But they are aware that the endresult will be a lot lower.
I really love the XA30.5. It even has a lot of grip for a small
amp. But in the low freq. Wilson is not the easiest to be
controlled. In the past I visited many Wilson owners with
acoustic problems. With more current the Wilson spakers will be
better controlled.

I would choose for a speaker which can be driven more easy!
How big is your room?
"01-21-15: Fsyme
Never heard of them.. but will look them up. Tks for thoughts."

You never heard of Vandersteen? Do you live in the US?
Room is 20 x 15. Vandersteen was mentioned above.. and will try check them out. So far Vandersteen, Focal and Harbeth on list to demo. Other ideas are Avalon, Legacy, Dynaudio ? Legacy has sens around 95.. but also ohms drop to around 3 in low freq. Anyways..
When you have a chance listen to the Pl-200 from Monitor Audio.
because the timing and crossovers are first rate. With the X30.5
you will get a stunning 3 dimensional stage. You can play far
behind the speakers. And also beside the spakers. In timing and
speed they are faster than their competitors. The low and mid
freq. units are made of ceramics and alluminium. Theur
ribbontweeter is superior in the high freq. compared to dynaudio
and B&W. Beside this their ribbon tweeter can give a much
sharper individual focus of instruments and voices compared to
speakers with dometweeter.
Tks.. will check them out.
PAD cables are highly colored....If you like that coloration use them, but the color will blend into the speaker sound.
Yes live in USA.

I demo'd Transparent, Discovery, PAD, Silent Source cabling.. and by far loved PAD. It just sounds as close to real for me..
Every single brand has a different way how the stage is being buil, different sound and a different sharpness in individuel focus. PAD is exeptional in the most open mid I tested in 17 years of time. But beside this they are also exeptional in blacks and a very sharp and realistic individual focus what I call intimate sound. The story that they are highly coloured it the remark of a F. amature. So Fsyme don't take this amature too serious. Your cables are great!!
Cables.. not changing.. and I do love their sound.
Tks all for advise.. I appreciate your time and efforts.