Speakers & the room

After a couple of years playing around with different speaker positions I came to a conclusion.My room sucks..No matter what I do I can't get it right..My room is about 15x24 with 3 different ceiling hights..My speakers are about 5' from the back wall and 3' from the sides.This seems to be the best but it's so far off from what I want.I have moved my listening position everywhere also.If I sit at the same distance away from the speakers as they are apart my imaging is great but I'm missing the bass and the extreme lows.And of course if I move my listening position farther to the back wall i get great bass but the imaging vanishes.I hear very large tonal changes with even small changes in my listening position.is my room doomed or is there help?My speakers are Artemis/EOS full range with tons of acoustic treatments from auralex.Any help would be appreciated..
My room sucks also, but it's sucking a lot less since I've been working on room treatments. I would also suggest the GIK corner traps and panels in place of your foam treatments. You need to be willing to experiment with placement of the different panels. Acoustical Solutions has some real nice looking diffusion panels that don't look like ugly like most diffusors. They look like a normal absorptive panel.

Do you have a radio shack meter and either a Rives test disc (best) or Stereophile test cd? If not, purchase them a make the measurements while seated in your chair. Post the frequency numbers where you have the greatest deviations from flat. This would help identify what areas need what.

From your photos, I would say none of the treatments address bass issues and it looks overdamped which would dry up the mids and highs.
I think the foam is the main problem. It simply won't do anything to fix the lower frequencies and it will kill the upper frequencies. Look into some real bass traps and diffusion. Use a minimal amount of foam if you must. If you put enough bass traps in that room you'll be much happier. Good luck.
Spaz: You have no right to complain with a killer room and rig like that! It looks amazing to me, there must be a solution. My guess is hire an acoustician or get many many audiophile friends to come and give their suggestions.

Seriously, a room like that is to die for.
I agree with much of what has been stated

foam sucks. get the speakers away from the walls more and toe them in

Take a look at Eighth Nerve products
Spaz , I heard the Artemis EOS speakers at a dealer years back.He kept the speakers about 15 feet apart.I heard them again in a home and they were about 7 feet apart.IMO although good at 15 feet they were to die for at 7 feet.Have you tried them closer together?? Also disconnect them from the bass and listen.It may be that the best placement for the EOS' is not to the Bass modules liking.
Great system,I hope you figure it out soon