speakers that work well with class D amp?

trying to pick some <$1500 speakers for a secondary system... no problems buying used.. will be using a peachtree nova dac/pre and bel canto s300 amp

would like to hear about experiences with class D amps and what speakers work well with them

thanks in advance
I would say Magnapan or Martin Logan.

I wish that I or anyone else for that matter could give you decent advice about which speaker for Class D, but it is not possible. I use Bel Canto Ice-based amps for my VSA VR-4JR speakers and love them. But....it may be the tubed Modwright pre-amp, or the solid copper cables, or the PS Audio DAC, or the signal cables ICs, or... So, the synergy between all these electrical components is the key. Many listeners pair the Class D and solid state amps with tubed pre-amps and like them. Also, there is a lot of variation in the design of Class D and so the advice that would be most helpful is from those who already run the Nova and S300. Good luck!
Martin Logan Source works beautifully with that combo.
Some users of the Ohm Acoustics Walsh series speakers have reported great results with Class D amplification. See the Ohm threads on this forum for more comments.
I have used and heard a number of speakers (Thiel, B&W, Magnepan) on some what "cheap" class-D amps. All the speakers sounded really good compaired to the class AB amps I have also heard them on.

All this is very general though. I feel that class-D is here to stay and is getting better everyday. But a good amp is a good amp no matter what class it is. I would not worry about it too much (if you have enough power) and just get the speakers you like.
Yes, OHMs + class D = match made in heaven.

Not just newer OHM Walsh designs but older OHM conventional box designs like the OHM L sound better than ever (and better than many newer designs as well perhaps) now off a Bel Canto Class D amp.

Dynaudio monitors also work well.

I also run a pair of Realistic Minimus 7s off the same Class D amp with top notch results.

One A'goner I know has reported excellent performance with extremely high efficiency Avantgarde Trios as well running of a Bel Canto Ref 1000 mono blocks (500w/ch).

Now that I actually run Class Ds and based on others accessments, a better question might be what kind of speakers do not work well with Class D amps? Perhaps some whose timbre is more towards the less bright end of the spectrum in that the Class Ds seem to lean in that direction as well.

I'd love to hear some other speakers like B&W and magnepan that came and went for me over the years prior to going Class D. Maybe they would still be around....
I had my Spectron hooked up to several pairs of speakers before, overall I like the Spectron with Verity Parsifal Encore the most and Maggie MG 3A the least.

Class-D amps in general have pristine, transparent, and clean presentation, mating with speakers with similar sonic like Maggie is too much of a good thing to my ears. On the other hand, warm and sweet sounding speakers like Dynaudio, Sonus Faber, and Verity really shine with Class-D.

I agree with Semi's description of the Class D sound and his assessment of how it might synergize or not with different sounding speakers. Technically, it may be a good match on paper but its true that too much of certain ingredients can sometimes spoil the soup.
I have run Dynaudios with my Bel Canto Ref1000 mk2 and they sound good, but now I have Von Schweikert VR4SR mark 2 and boy does this sound nice. Mids to die for. My Pass XP10 and Bel Canto DAC3 help smooth things out too so I don't know how much I can simply credit the amps. I think like any components, you can't generalize about synergy. I do agree with Semi as well that you probably want a speaker on the warmer end of things, and then the Class D high damping factor helps control the bass of those speakers well.....