Speakers that work in a medium room to match Krell

Looking for speakers that can work within 10-12 inches from the back wall, my listening area is around 12'W x 22'L x 9'H. I listen around 80% to jazz/vocal and 20% to both pop and classic, in a moderate volume levels.

I prefer focused detailed presentation, without an upper midrange glare and boomy bass, on a soft, smooth and warm presentation.

The rest of my system is Krell FPB 400 amp + KPS 25Sc preamp/CDP and Transparent RXL-MM/Cast cables.

My preferences so far are as follows (not in a special order):

+ Avalon- Opus Ceramique
+ Dynaudio- Confidence C2
+ Wilson benesch- A.C.T
+ Wilson- Sophia
Monitors like: JMlab- micro utopia Be, Dynaudio- C1, SF- Guarneri plus Revel- B15

Which one of the speakers can work close to the back wall and match best to my room and the Krell's?

Thanks for your ideas and suggestion.

all of the speakers you are interested in are exceptional, but i would recommend shying away from monitors if you love jazz....that lowest octive is the key to making jazz exciting, even at moderate volumes....compare some of your most basic classic trio recordings on full range and monitor type speakers and you'll see what i mean....vocals and pop on the otherhand will shine on all the above brands.
Infinity MTS Preludes with the RABOS Subs,

Work excellent with Krell 90db with Room Adaptive Bass Optimization System.

Stereophile Class "A" Component,

Frequency Responce 23Hz - 22KHz
Self powered subs @ 850 Watts each. Check it out. Buy used for $5500 usd, New $10,000

I run mine with FPB 600 Krell WOW
Just to throw a wrench in the works, I would suggest going with a monitor for the reason that the speaker has to be about 12" from the rear wall.

Using a full sized/full range speaker that close to the wall is going to tend to exaggerate the low frequencies. Most of the speakers you mentioned need to be pulled out into the room anywhere from 18" to as much as 36". The advantage of the monitor is the ability to reinforce the bass while adding the simpler crossover of a speaker with less drivers.

As a rule I am not a big fan of B&W speakers, but I think in your application the Silver Signatures would be something worth looking into, although I'm pretty sure you would have to buy them used.

Another option might be the Wilson Cubs, if you are willing to go with a monitor.
Check the Dyanudios: C2 or C4. Excellent wiht Krell amps. Smooth, detailed and musical. Imaging first rate
My armchair quarterback reply would be the Wilson Sophias. But if it were me, I'd look at something like a Vandersteen 3A Sig (or it's replacement). Or of it really was me, I'd look at a pair of Magnepan 3.6/R or 20.1 (push/pull) and pull then out 52 inches into the room (which you cannot do).