Speakers that sound like Usher Be-20s/10s

I am looking for speakers. I am a fan of the Usher sound - superb 3d soundstage, excellent leading edge dynamics, great attack and transients that make one jump out of the chair. I am considering the BE20s/10s in the used market but given their huge size and room requirements and low availability in the used market I am in two minds. Can anyone recommend a speaker that sounds similar? Especially previous Usher owners? I was considering Revel Salon 2s but got the impression that they are a little un-exciting and don't have a good attack (I may be mistaken)
My amp - Rotel 1090
Use the spikes! Once you get them placed screw the spikes into the plinth and be amazed at how much the bass improves. Excellent speakers.
I have a friend with Usher Be20s so know them pretty well.To me some of the Focal speakers have a similar sound.The 1038Be springs to mind as having a similarly big,smooth,open sort of sound .The Ushers are incredibly cable fussy.Get the cabling wrong and they will not sound right at all.
The thing about Usher speakers is that they seem to be so music friendly. Every show I'd attended that had an "Usher" room had an exceptional sound. Not a show winner but really nice. Focal rooms seemed to be fussier and in fairness, hotel rooms being what they are, it's not easy to get a system to sing well. I own the Usher Tower XL's which are similar to other Usher speakers featuring the DMD tweeter, Eaton wooofer and Ushers midrange paper driver.

These speakers have never put a note out of place. Early on I thought there was a slight disconnect between the woofer and midrange/tweet (different cabinets). I upgraded all of the cross-over components and wire including binding posts. Totally seamless now. These speakers are simply brilliant. Always a joy to listen to with a wide variety of music.

 I've run them with BMC S1 amp, Usher 1.5, Lindemann Musicbook 55, and now the Nord NC1200 signature. Friendly with all those amps.

Wife wants the Usher Grand Towers. Ouch. Sorry, a bit off topic.