Speakers that sound like the Hyperion 938's

Several years ago at the Stereophile show in NYC I heard the Hyperion 938's and have not forgotten the sound: Transparent, 3-dimensional, coherent with amazing transient speed and excellent top-end, mid-range and bass. They were driven by a low-powered tube amp---I believe theirs. However, from what I've read, there might be customer service issues as well as the inability to source parts. As such, I'm looking for speakers that come as close to the sound of the Hyperions in the $2,500 - $3,000 range. My current system consist of Van Alstine and Odyssey electronics with Polk LSI15 speakers.

Thanks for your feedback.
A-passion, HPS-938s are amazing. All you said plus clean airy sibilants on any material. I bought 6 month old dealer demo for $3k with full warranty in like new condition. Sometimes used 938 are sold here around $2-2.5k but I would avoid very old ones (circa 2004) since they improved bracing (2004/2005). In addition to all the virtues that you described they sound very non-hifiish, meaning natural and well integrated (seamless transition between speakers). I drive them with unforgiving combination of class D amp (Rowland 102) and Benchmark DAC1 getting tube like sound. Midrange is simply amazing (6 1/2" speaker with ferrofluid instead of spiderweb suspension)
I would like to know this also. I emailed Hyperion but received no answer abut the speakers.

Very interested in used 938 or 968s.
Colleycol, Hyperion has B-Stock (on their website) with a pair of Bamboo HPS-938 at 1/2 of the price. Ask local dealer.
You said it. Customer service was not on their priority list. I had heard them many years ago at the last Stereophile show in S.F. and L.A as well as at RMAF. At the time, I was contemplating about changing my speakers, and had put these on my short list.

As their west coast distribution center was in L.A. I wanted to drive down to give it one final listen (outside of show condition) before I pull the trigger to purchase a pair. But their customer service was kind of spotty at that time, and there were discussions about some QA issues in their factory in China, so I held back.

Check out Audio Circle as there is a discussion board for Hyperion owners. Overall, I think these are pretty good speakers for the price.

Also on my list at the time were USHER CP-8571/8871 and Verity Parsifals. I ended up buying a pair of Verity Parsifal Encores.

I own the 938's and have had to deal with Hyperion cust service on a couple of occasions. FWIW I bought my speakers used, so the speakers were not under any warranty. The service may be a tad slow, but I can say that 1) As far as I know, they are still in business, and 2) I did get friendly, helpful email help from somebody named Derek, and ultimately all my issues were resolved.

They do still have replacement parts for the 938's as well.
Amazing speaker for the money! Well Wilsons and Hansen speakers sound like the Hyperions!