Speakers that like corners

Other than Audio Note (which I am considering), what other speakers are there that function well tucked into corners? I have a 13x15 den and moving speakers out into the room doesn't work for us.

Are there other speakers designed with corner placement in mind?

Thanks for any insight you can pass on.
There are some which a google search should locate. There are also some good speakers designed for mounting in the wall. The classic Tannoys and several American brands of the time worker that way and there are more modern designs available. Probably the easiest place to look would be among the good home theater speakers;many of them are designed for wall placement. K Horns are WAY too big, some of their other ones might work. Don't dismiss wall mounting, it has several advantages.
I have KHorns in a room about your size and they work about as well as any other I've had in there. I love the extra room I have now because the KHorns are tucked into the corners and out of the floor. May or may not be right for you.
I remember reading about an AR speaker designed for corner placement. I had the reveiw from Sphile or TAS, but I just checked all my back issues and couldn't find it. But it did get a good review (FWIW).
Guru QM-10 speakers are made to be placed against the wall:


I heard them at the show in NYC a few years ago and they were THE talk of the show. Amazing sound!
There's some for sale on audiogon, new and used.
I can think of three designed-for-corner-placement speakers in production that I really like. From smallest to biggest:

First is the AudioNote AN-E... very warm and easy to listen to. I am among those that raise an eyebrow at Audio Note's claimed specifications, but that does not lessen my respect for their speaker's sound quality. In my opinion the E is an exceptionally well-engineered design. I have not heard the J's placed as recommended in the corners so can't really make a reliable comparison.

Next is the PiSpeakers 7 Pi cornerhorn. One of the most innovative designs out there, and one of the best high-efficiency speakers as well... especially for the price. Despite the completely different configuration in comparison to the AudioNote, there are sonic similarities: The 7 Pi is likewise a warm and non-fatiguing design. Here's a link to some comments about my first encounter with the 7 Pi:


Finally, there's the mighty Classic Audio Reproductions Hartsfield. This is an extremely dynamic and lively loudspeaker... in fact, I have not heard its equal in that regard. The first time I heard a pair, I couldn't stop my butt from spontaneously shaking even on music that I didn't particularly like.

Thanks everyone! Please keep additional suggestions coming. I'll look into the ones above.
I also have a room about your size and have khorns tucked into the corners. They kinda "disappear" in the corners and do not take up much room despite their size. IMO they need some mods to "tame" te mids. I use "Crites" tweeters ALK Trachorns and ALK Univeral Crossovers. Big difference in sound to me and most would ageee. The Crossovers have the ability to attenuate the highs.
allison 3's
Klipsch Quartets, Forte, Chorus are all designed for corners.
Von Scweikert Unifield Threes
Really do work well in a smaller room and tolerant of placement into corners. With the two piece design you can tweak to your heart's content.
Horn Shoppe Horns. They're made for the corners. 6 Moons likes them a lot. Very nice pricing on these as well.
OK, I just found the article I was looking for. It was Allison, not AR, the Model 3 reviewed in October/November 2004 issue of The Absolute Sound. Very positive review.
Speakers with ports should have front facing ports.A rear firing port may cause all kinds of bass problems.One exception would be a speaker mainly designed for use in a corner.