Speakers that copied the Wilson Watt Puppy look

Joseph Audio Pearl
Hyperion 968 and 938
Von Schweikert VR4's VR5's
Aerial 20Ts
Hansen Emperor
PBN Pennywise speakers
Genesis 500, 501
ARS Gravitas Max. Here's a pic of the ARS.

Supreme Audio Pulsar D8
Here's a pic of Supreme Audio Pulsar D8. They really copied the Wilson look.

Gradient Revolution
Electrocompaniet NORDIC TONE
ACI Jaguar / LFM speakers made with built in amps.
Here's a pic of the ACI speakers. Its at the bottom of the page
Another speaker that looks like the Wilson Watt Puppy is the
Music culture technology speakers.
Here's a pic. Click on the link.
Also SOTA (yes the turntable company) , Time Domain IV Speakers.

They cost around $4,000 back in 1992

Very good sound, but not enough base.

it was called, the poor guy Wildons....